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The webclient being an amazing feat, I could only imagine a touch() option with specific parameters similar to click() where we can let touching the game screen or even an interface control do stuff for tablet users so we can add more accessibility.
I'm pretty sure touch is translated to mouse clicks already.

I know for a fact that you can already use JavaScript to handle touch events in the webclient, but to be fair, it's going to be hard to suggest webclient features that can't already be done in JavaScript.
I've attempted this on my surface pro 3, grid elements will not proc click() with my finger or even the pen, just a physical mouse click triggers click() but then again I haven't tried this on a google nexus or an iPad. I don't really know anything about JavaScript.

I can drag interface dividers and hit buttons all fine but nothing on the actual game map.
Touch events should translate to mouse events for the most part, though I think it needs more testing and possibly some upgrades.