Some of you may, or may not, know that this month will play host to 3 gaming conventions. The Tokyo Game Show, X06, aswell as Nintendos own exclusive event, starting today. Back to the title's topic...

Today marks the start of Nintendo's own exclusive gaming event, being held world wide!

During this event, some big things are supposed to occur, including the announcing of the Official Price and Release Date. At this event, every single launch title for the Wii will be playable, and new information will be given.

Interested? Keep checking IGN throughout the next several days for more info.
Tommorow the release date and official price will be released :O!!!

-Hah its in london
The paper mearly states that London's event is held then. Today, Japan's event occurs. All the events done by Nintendo over the next few days are relatively the same. Hopefully, IGN will post an article later tonight, or early in the morning as to the Date and Price.