An alpha version of a port of the classic game Star Control 2 has been released today, at . This game is great fun, and could inspire one of you to make a game. Save often though. I've already lost a good deal of work in the game due to one of the bugs.
Bump. Know it's a bit soon, but this is a great game.
I started trying it out, and I have to ask -- is there any way to slow down the darned game? It's running at what seems to be 140% of what the game should normally be running at (based on the timing of the dialogue versus the timing of the audio), and my reflexes (which I consider to be pretty good!) just can't keep up.

(I'd also love to hear tips for combat... I beat the first replicator probe but the second probe blew me up. =P)
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Actually, the synchronization of the text and the audio seems to just be an annoying bug. IF you want tips for combat, go to Alpha Centauri, and collect all the minerals there. When you get back to Sol, you can have up to around 400 exotic minerals (assuming you didn't get a totally full load in your lander, which ditches the extra), which will give you thousands of RU's. I've only been in one random combat, and the one that's forced on you, but I would suggest building up a fleet. A good deal of other ships are better for combat than the Vindicator, until you load it full of weapons, of course. Also, I think combat might run a bit fast, but I don't think so. I just think that some enemies are pretty damn fast, and you need to use a homing weapon to really hit them. If you get in combat in hyperspace, you can usually just load your last game, and you won't get into the same fight.
Downloaded and currently almost installed. God bless cable modem it only took about 15 minutes to download, and that might be a little longer than what it took. I was getting about 250k per second the whole time.