Bleach Reincarnation

by Petja12
Bleach Reincarnation
A bleach online mmorpg, it is not completely based on bleach online. If you want a good Bleach Mmorpg this is the game for you! Bleach Reincarnation online is still in alpha testing but soon it will be a real MMORPG!

Please report any bugs on the forums!
Please add suggestions on the forums!
The game is loosely based of Bleach, It's completely online, like a Bleach mmorpg, Byond version of Bleach Online
Want a good online bleach mmorpg?
Well this is the game for you, Bleach Reincarnation online!
show my ip

i would love to be ur staff
I would like to help out too, but if not i'll be on...keep me posted on the game status
His name is Edit Nero, and is also working on a few of his own games so check his profile out!

He will be taking over the Event and Tourney system.
Stats rework, balances, new event, new skill tree, map and more!!
I want to be main admin as I see them missing one