this is my first attempt at animating hair, sub-pixeling is daunting because I've always overshot it. this is one of my better cracks at it, and i'm pretty pleased with it. i hope you all enjoy.

Picture looks great, however the whiskers seem to stiff, if you look at pictures of shenron his whiskers flow and are quite similar to strings
Horns look like trees, RIP.
I'm definitely not a great pixel artist, but I'll try to give you some constructive criticism based on my art experience.

I think the whiskers need some shade on them. Also, highlights and rimlights (and even another, darker shade) could make this stand out a lot better.

Also, I would really work on the eyes in this. They are the part that stands out on Shenron's face the most, and making them look nice and shiny would help the piece tremendously.

I also agree with Cole that the whiskers seem too stiff.
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Shape! Color! Shift!
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Akto wrote:

Shape! Color! Shift!
( I need my left eye back D;)

Like it, the horns still look werid to me though and the whisker should be smoothier via link. If you cut it down the middle and flip it, it'll be the exact same thing. Should've made some differences between the left and right sides of the face like what upd4te attempted to do.
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This wasn't a full edit, this was merely a quick edit to teach some pixeling rules and forms. Shape, Draw out what you want to pixel. Color, get the colors you like for the art work. Shift, hue shift the shadows and highlights you have added to make the piece pop!
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Unless the agreement gave you rights to his work, he can also give/sell to others.
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Of course, I would just report you for it, but feel free to have at it.

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Not bad i like it can use a little more shading in some places tho