Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
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Are you leaving Azusa? Tell us here the reasons!
Long time you don't play Azusa? Tell us here the reasons!
Love Azusa? Tell us here the reasons!
Have suggestions? Tell us here!
Are you bored in Azusa? Tell us here ideas!

Anything, I want to hear you guys, Azusa have been in open work since over 3 years now, and in those last 3 years all the game design was focused to fit the game's universe + playerbase opnion, and the game is constantly updated to fit the players needs!
Also check out the constant updates!
Hey, Inu. Haven't played in a couple months. I'd like to reason with you here.

Azusa is an amazing game. I fucking love it, and you make it better and more polished with each update. It's addicting as hell, and (Most of the time) really smooth.

The problem that causes people to leave/stop playing, etc are a few, and mostly the same. Whatever they might be, I don't care. These are the things that made the game unplayable for me;

1- You're too accepting of everything. You allow most of the things that wouldn't be possible with normal logic to exist until it comes and bites you in the ass, and it's very painful to watch that happen because it ruins the community too.

Suggestion? Don't be too accepting of stuff. For example, if someone wants to be a Vampire Priest who was somehow an angel before all of that, and wants to run a Church because "They know how to avoid God's eternal wrath", don't allow them. (Yes, guys, I'm still salty about that.)

2- Your staff (Princess) is a power hog that needs to be stopped. I've got nothing to say to the way she moderates the game, she's good at what she's doing, but the way she hogs power just leaves the players in a state "Lol, why do we even try?" Because she gets strong to a point that she's basically another force of balance other than Good or Evil. And honestly? I don't know how it has been for the past while, because I haven't been playing, but from the time I was playing, whichever side she was in got an auto-win.

Suggestion? Just stop.

Thanks if you stuck around and read all of that.
I will now go and hide under a rock to avoid God's (Princess') menace.

I have a few suggestions, ideas, and concerns for Azusa. I realize that some people might find what I have to say offense and I apologize. My intentions are only to help the growth of Azusa. Nothing that will follow is meant to undermine or feel malicious.

I played Azusa for a few weeks one of the top few in the server at the time because many people hadn’t joined back, and the less powerful players kept leaving, but I digress. I noticed a lot of things in my time of playing and I feel like you care about Azusa and that you are looking for real feedback so I thought I’d give mine.

Here is my list of suggestions and thoughts:

1. One of the most important and influential things for Azusa and its community I feel like are GMs/Enforcers. I put enforcers because that is pretty much how your GM’s act rather than mediators of situations they act like enforcers and punishment givers. Now I want to start off with I feel like GM’s with the power to enforce are unnecessary and unneeded.

What I mean by that is we the players are not children, we don’t need to have a babysitter to constantly remind us of the rules and put us in a time-out when they get offended. I understand the first thought everyone is probably thinking is, “what? We need GMs”, and yeah I think we do too, but we don’t need power crazed enforcers. Now what I really mean by that is Enforcer verbs like (Mute, Jail, Ban) should be removed. I’m not saying those three specifically they are just examples, but let me example what I mean. Verbs like those really get abused especially a mute verb, and that’s the real problem the abuse. These kind of verbs shouldn’t be used unless as a last resort. If there is a problem the staff should be capable of handling the situation, and I see a lot of “I’m tired of this I’m just muting you” Or “Not gonna take this crap” and a mute verb follows. Now firstly if a GM has no patience and is unable to handle people they shouldn’t be a GM in the first place.

Well I think I’ve got the gist of what I’m getting at so now let me add some solutions to this problem because I’m not only complaining but wanting to see improvement.

A) Remove GM’s with tempers and lack of patience
B) Remove verbs such as Mute, so that GM’s can’t abuse power like that
C) Create an enforcing system. 1 GM should not be allowed to give punishment alone there should be 3 or more GM’s present and in agreement that the punishment fits the crime.
D) Do not have GM’s directly interact with the player base. If someone is a GM a normal player shouldn’t know, and the GM should not be bragging about it. Have the GM’s only get involved when the situation is escalated and the PLAYER BASE feels intervention is necessary. The GM should not say, “Hey I’m going to get involved.” The players should ask for a GM. Because that is what they will do if they really need one.

2. Game Moderation while playing I found people being left out because of RPP being given out randomly with no system. You should create one and stop randomly doing RP hours. Have a set in stone RP Hour time such as “RPP Will be given out at these times every day(or every Monday/Wednesday/Friday or whatever): 1pm/5pm/8pm/12pm (and the time zone)” This way players won’t feel left out by missing a RP time because they will know when they are. This also allows for decent distribution of RPP so players can fully enjoy the game.

3. Certain Rules needing to be changed/looked at. The IC in OOC rule I think is irrelevant and really missed used. Firstly I don’t think it should really matter if IC is in OOC because players know they can’t take IC information FROM the OOC, so it should be okay for people to discuss IC things in OOC. Why? Because by limiting chat and adding restrictions you are pretty much telling players not to talk to each other, and what else do we wanna talk about on OOC? Our characters and what we’ve been up to. So in my opinion the rule of no IC in OOC is really not needed because again we players know that we can’t use that information ICly so it should be okay to discuss with each other stuff like that in OOC so the chat stays alive and new players will see that the community is alive and prospering. Also with this rule people can’t keep up with what has happened because they were afk or not online, and when they come on a LOT of stuff has happened, but no one will tell them what happened becuz of this rule… but being Afk or not online is not IC so it should be like my character is 24/7 here and even though I am not online If I log in and missed an event or something someone should be able to fill my character in through the OOC because my character should know that this happened. Like the Castle of david being destroyed or god b-slapping the Death lord stuff that’s massive and the whole world would know about should be able to be discussed.

4. Staff numbers you should add a LOT more staff. So that RPP can be distributed more.

5. Focus on Character customization the new armors, and trans, and skills are awesome but for the RP server people want to focus more on their character, so appearance clothing’s, weapons, relics adding more things like that would help.

6. Some kind of catch-up system. I was like 3k Stats, and there was no way a new player could ever beat my character, so I think you should add some system that Increases Stat Gains for new players. Like the system checks the stats of the #1 Player with the most stats, and then distributes x2 exp to all players who are not even close. So if the highest STR stat is 5,000, and a new player joins he should get x2 exp or more to catch up so he can be relevant in the story now this x2 exp shouldn’t last until he catches up the System should cut him off once he is about 500-1000 close. So if the highest stat is 5000 then someone with 4000Str won’t get this x2 boost. That way the top player doesn’t just get passed by some noob who just started playing. It should only help to catch up and the surpassing part should come from dedication and trying to be the best by playing.

This System would welcome newer players and help them to get integrated into the community without feeling so far behind and just quitting.

7. Relics were kind of a problem people just started farming them, and not even worrying about RPing but rather killing as many dungeons as they could to get the weapons that would make them OP.
To fix this I think the Relics should no longer stack. So you can only wear 1 Dragon Gauntlet rather than wearing 5, increasing your potential by 20 for having 1 weapon equipped 5 times. I also think more relics should be added so people can feel better about relics not stacking by having more choices, and I think the drop rate for relics should be lowered even more it is still too high.

8. Building system needs a little overhaul I had 20k stones and could barely build a 20x20 House with only 3 furniture items. And then I was out. I think the required amount should be reduced for all items as building is half the game, and no one will do it if it’s so ridiculously hard.

9. Always get player opinions rather than your staffs. Yes they play so listen to their suggestions but if there is something like the tourney farming, and players like it then why ban doing it? Listen to what the community likes, and try to adjust and judge and do things based off the players.
Yo , I started play the game few days ago and I loved it ,but,today I found a problem that bored me a lot...
It was to be a RP game and not a full PVP game,I see guys letting their character training afk whole day and no one is really online ,just training. They are doing the thing that site said "powergaming" the actually game looks like DU,but the game can be a lot better if there have a stat removal or a stat cap.I was having a good game experience,also there no way to new players have a fair fight against old players.
So I agree with the soft caps on stats and all but it should be less harsh on angels. Heres why:

Humans have a stat gain base of 0.5. Half that at 3.5k its 0.25. Halve that at 7k its 0.12 repeating.

Angels have a stat gain base of 0.1. Already lower then humans with 7k total. Half that its 0.05 and then at 7k its 0.025. That means that if an Angel has a cap for trans over 7k once they hit 7k it will take almost a full TS to get even 1k stats. I understand they last for 900 years and this may seem to keep things even for their third TS assuming they live that long it just makes Angels undesirable. Instead of halving for angels do fourths with lower soft caps. Like at 3k drop to 0.075 and then at 6k 0.05 then at 10k 0.025 instead of just killing training when honestly compared to the average your not that strong.
Actually angels have same gains as human, I changed that long time ago :/
Is there an option to play for free? i consider a subscription to play sounds a bit unfair even if it pays you well its a bit of a lame move when you try the game out of interest your connection dies and says oh you got to pay subscription to play this game.