Azusa Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa Online
Game seems cool especially the intro. I enjoyed it.

Some things I noticed :
The health,stamina and hunger bars are pretty hard to read accurately.
Some of the effects from combat often get stuck floating around on the map.
Words like
"Block" or "revert" can be seen littering battle fields.

Other than that I had a blast in the short time I was playing, however once the tutorial ended I had no clue what I was able to do next.

I think something to guild players into the game more, might help people who happen to play the game- something that would introduce players to it's features and help them transition into gameplay.
Thanks for those feedbacks! really! :D
Btw, about the last point, I been trying to do that...
Thats why I created the quest system to keep guiding people after tutorial; However it didnt work well...
Do you have any suggestion?

Maybe if before finishing the tutorial the Guardian would Give him the Quest scroll and tell him to double click it? And make a quest about joining tournament? Hmm..
I do have some suggestions.
You could sort of make the journey to the city a quest in itself.
Like you learn more about playing the game by doing so.
In particular, I knew what the leveling system was meant for-but was unsure about how to get nutrition for each type.

I also wasn't quite aware of what to do because the one quest I did have *find your cosmo* didn't seem to work for me.

Perhaps what you could do is kill two birds with one stone- you could make it so that players learn more about the world AND the gameplay mechanics of the game by having them help other npcs in mini quests.

My main issue was that after I played the intro and was sent into the city of David- I had no clue what to do next. So I just wandered around for a few minutes then logged out.

Perhaps you could direct players to an npc- that allows them to get a "job" which would basically be recieving task related quests like *gather x fruits* that way players would atleast have a purpose as they continue to do these quests.

You could have some objectives for players like-
Get your first set of armor, Purchase a weapon, Defeat x enemies. Like just a bunch of seemingly random quests that are supplied to the player-that would basically help them learn more about how to survive in the world and where to find certain services.