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Or probably because BYOND doesn't attract many serious developers who actually know their ass from a keyboard when it comes to game design. No offense to anybody here, but I don't wholeheartedly expect many(if any) of the games in development right now to actually see the light of day.

My game will 8). It will be brilliant, Ambitious, Innovative. Byond will be rocked to it's core. Thousands if not millions(hundreds*) will come to byond just to play. They will call it the second cumming of byond. It will get so much attention game developers from all over the country will be like Dayuuuummmmmm lemme try to develop something like that and i would be like bro it all started with a name and a bottle of nesquilk vanilla milk. The name shall be chanted by everyone it will become a meme that gained so much publicity ever single news article won't be able to help but add it in their headline. Everyone will scream the name Lord Pantysan. Say it with me Lord Pantysan! Lord Pantysan! LORD PANTYSAN!!

Now in reality the game hasnt even left the design stage.

SENPAAAAIIIIIII! all hail lord pantysan senpai!!!
Few days ago i started working on my own map editor. Now it's poor couse i have some problems. :D
When i recording this gif i don't know why, mouse drop doesn't work. But it's okay.
I started thinking about add more features like in RPG maker, like add enemies, npc, etc.

Just another quick thing today. Before there can be new enemies, there must be diversity in appearance!

(Don't mind the text, gotta get it fixed with BYOND)

Basic enemies now come in about a half dozen variations. After the game is released, one of the things I'll be doing to polish it is adding more clothing and such variations to enemies for a tad bit more realism.

Other changes and additions not visible include improved audio clips for wave events (They were too difficult to hear), and some of the ground work for new larger enemies, as well as fire!

I'm currently animating the fire hence it not being shown, and will be adding it in with molotovs and flash bangs soon. Then I'll be diving into enemy types more, most likely.
What program do you use to take the teasers of your game?
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licecap and gyazo are good to use pokemon
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ganite you should've finished your game its been like 9000 years since you started it you might as well have it seemed cool and fun to play

stay intune its coming soon :) maybe..
I think most people here could benefit from reading two very good books. Fundementals of Game Design; and Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design, both by Ernest Adams, I believe.
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tf when did you get back??
I'm not seeing much of what people got.... SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

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Just another quick thing today. Before there can be new enemies, there must be diversity in appearance!

Add unfortunate upper torso zombies to break up the model a little bit!

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Hmm. Could you rephrase that a bit? I mean, do you mean some with missing limbs and such or what?
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He means unproportioned upper torso. Like a buff one [Nemesis from Resident Evil]
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Ah, right thanks.

I mostly use stuff like that for different enemy types and bosses, but I may work it in a little later on. I'd like to get gender implemented as well, and maybe even children. Really give off an entire city of civilians type of feel.
We should be unveiling a new project within a couple weeks. I guess I'll start posting new things we're working on here.

Anyone know of a better gif capture software?
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Kozuma sold/gave you the artwork? Nice
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Kozuma couldn't continue his project Eureka and needed money, so I bought the source from him about a year and a half ago.
We picked up this project in August and since then we've added a lot, including the enemies shown in that gif.
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Good for you Konlet.
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No, I mean missing limbs, as in just the top torso of a zombie with the legs removed just dragging themselves along. Same functionality as a normal Z, just more unfortunate for him, plus it breaks up the model re-use for a relatively tiny amount of work.
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