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Another Update.

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Nice. I want to play Kozuma.

Skill tree mockup is done. It's fully functional for the most part. You can freely turn on/off nodes if you have points remaining. Once you assign the nodes they can't be undone unless you obtain some kind of respec points down the line. That's not implemented just yet.

I plan for the system to be similar to that of Path of Exile, where traveling to specific portions of the tree defines the kind of gameplay experience you'll have, and how successful your build will be, with larger game-changing nodes which will make gameplay more interesting and hopefully boost replay-ability.

I have to work out the UI a bit more but it's a good start.

Also, new job is... interesting, but it does take up a lot of my time so the updates may slow down. That being said, I plan to work on the game at least three days a week so while progress may slow, I'll hopefully have more consistent updates to show here.

Slowly getting the art together for this game, Its a long few years of document coming together. Just trying to give it as much polish as possible.
@crazah: Still love that map overlay interface. Look forward to seeing more.

@Arcane Addict: Really great seeing more space based games on BYOND. Do you have any game play vids or anything?

@Bravo1: So cool to see you progressing all this time. Tree looking good. Bet that is a fun break from your normal development.

@Koz: Your rate of progress on that project is amazing. Puts me to shame really. Can't wait to see more.

@PopLava: Currently no gameplay, we've only managed to get the character creation screen done so far. I'm still waiting on art to be made.

To be clear it isn't 'really' a space game, It is an Anime game i am trying to incorporate a "D&D" feel to. Too many games that came from Finale that all look the same for example & get too focused on "Training".

I want to make something with a lot more polish & is vastly different under the hood.

Shields! They will be an active defense type system similar to how shielding works in Super Smash brothers, as you hold it active it gets slowly weaker, it takes the damage for you when hit. Breaking it won't stun you like it does in Smash, but it will be disabled for an extended period if it expires due to damage.

You can't shoot while using them, and normally you can't move while they're active either, except to change directions.

Shields can be used in zero G and you can technically move with them active during that time.


Thanks! It's definitely a different thing to tackle but I'm glad with the results so far. I'm actually super busy figuring out how to make the mod systems work. There's going to be a lot going on.

I've already planned out some keystones surrounding shields, like one that lets you move slowly while blocking at the cost of shield strength, and another that allows you to defend others with it at the cost of reducing their damage.

I planned out a bunch of stuff which should keep me busy for a bit. I only have a couple of hours a day to work on things but I'm doing what I can to progress things.
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PopLava wrote:
Your rate of progress on that project is amazing. Puts me to shame really. Can't wait to see more.

Thank you :) more to come!

You can check out more about the updates here! or here or maybe here

Or you can read it here

Is the game playable? Looks fun. Reminds me of Runescape
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Jordan11 wrote:
Is the game playable? Looks fun. Reminds me of Runescape

Discord is ->
I'm going to load a copy of Windows just for this.
Looking for a Naruto PvP game where its consistently being worked to add new clans and jutsus? Naruto Evolution New Era by Squigs is the game for you! Its a very nostalgic game that isn't too hard to follow, unless you are a five-year-old, with a very non-toxic community wink wink. Our graphics are one of the best on Byond, and they were drawn and crafted by our fantastic staff, past and present. Give us a try!
We also have a discord.
We plan for monthly wipes. The first person who reaches level 100 gets 100$ Paypal! Next wipe planned for March 6th, 2020 6 PM PST.
No time for a screenshot now but the game is coming along nicely. I'm *really* enjoying development now, and it's actually becoming fun to play. Working on some gamemodes at the moment.
Dragons- Dragons blaze trails of fire through the city, destroying it
Tribute- You must make a tribute to god or endure the four hoursemen of the apocalypse.

Gtg! Will update soon!
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