not ready to be shared, but I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't done

(this will eventually be a 100% free to play release)
Always wished for a free menu :P
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no mouse usage tho
I did the thing where we MAKGAM

Alpha is live!
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great job bro, had some real fun there, cant wait to play more missions!
I thought to tell you about a game that hosts 24/7. A MMO to be exact where you create your own character, age along with having kids and creating a family, train all stats and gain intel to create technology. Space travel build houses and harvest animals and vegetables. Slaughter for food and everything else in the show including the afterlife even. It's really a fun experience and the discord is in the description of the youtube video. Everyone is pretty helpful if you have questions or want to play. Join the discord the link is in the description to this video If you're interested join the discord here to find out where to download and register
Forgot to post this here too:

Video is cut off on the right hand side since I didn't format OBS properly. this can now be downloaded and played for free 1B57rqz6MnTMXLMuMtFVK92zFvww0LNu2/view?usp=sharing

This is bandit king. Ive put it on hold though while I make something else
And yeah I know it's not perfect but I'm not a genius or anything and it took like all of my brainpower to get so far with this project lol. My brain is all dried out now

and heres something more recent 1LUPC3CyeTwzbLX0O0k5TZgsqDxH5AfwZ/view

New discord as well,
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Got it working, able to render 25 tiles away.

Looks awesome! Though I'm wondering why the camera pans up when facing behind.
Been working on a hex grid implementation for DM, which was easier than expected in the backend but presented a ton of problems in animating tile to tile movement -even tried rolling my own with animate() and pixel interpolation before giving up and making the world tile size a square.

Video of movement here.


Equipment and action UI:
After a lot of rework on Mana Online here's a little trailer of how things are going so far, in terms of combat I've got most of the fundamentals down it's just a case of adding more skills, weaponry and armour and adding in the first 20 levels worth of content before I can get some testing underway.

(I apologise for the bad quality in advance ShareX is unkind to the quality of my screen recordings)

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Equipment and action UI:

I really like your UI design dude keep up the good work :)
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