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Looks really cool... but I would strongly discourage idle verbs. Just sitting and waiting for numbers to go up is a huge turn-off for me. Instead of just clicking meditate and waiting around, what if it started a mini-game? Something that requires focus, like push puzzles or something. Just to keep the player engaged...

I played with the idea of using some sort of mini game for the self training things, but honestly, I've never personally liked having to do that, because then it just adds another layer of repetition, whereas I'd rather watch numbers go up.

I don't know if anyone here has played DBZ FE, but it's a GMUD that has an altered combat system, so that you have to type in commands responding to specific kinds of attacks... And I hate it. I'd rather have had the normal mud turn based combat.

Although, I suppose one could argue there's a compromise to be had here, players could just watch their numbers go up, but they'd get bonuses for playing the game.

you're splitting hairs here between two fossilized dog shits on what you want to eat for lunch.... it's dog shit either way. why would you look to DBZ afk training games for inspiration when there is an entire spectrum of games outside of this forum

Cool, thanks for the very helpful input. I had no idea how friendly this community was.

The games not for you, it's for me. So don't worry about it jigjag.
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I had no idea how friendly this community was.

No reason to blame the community for a very special type of person.

Back on topic, please.

Useful ways to utilize operator overloading.
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Love the look!
Trying to mimic some sort of noise

beep boop
I realize I haven't posted here in a bit so here's a link to the IndieDB where the forum fellas can find out the facts about the face and future of Dark Star https://www.indiedb.com/games/dark-star/news/ dark-star-progress-panel-panic

(I did it for the alliteration)

Can we get this thread to 350 Pages? Let's Gooooo!
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Can we get this thread to 350 Pages? Let's Gooooo!

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