Messing around with Topic()

if(l && l.len && ("id" in l) && ("hash" in l))
winque = list(l["hash"],l["id"])
winque = null; . = world.tick_lag
while(winque == null || winque[1] != i){sleep(.)}
. = winque[2]
winque = null
usr << browse(null,"window=[i]")
return .

SUBMIT(n){. = {"<input type=submit value=[replacetext(n," ","_")]/>"}}
BTN(a,b,i){. = {"<a href=?id=[replacetext(b," ","_")]&hash=[replacetext(i," ","_")]>[a]</a>"}}
. = {"
body {background-color:#000000; color:#FFFFFF;}
usr << browse(.,"window=[t]")

/* Demo Below */

// Below a variable is defined containing the HTML we wanna use.
// It includes some procs I included myself to help with readability.
// The 3rd Argument for ---BTN()--- is the ID given to that specific button.
// You can wait for an answer using ---WaitFor(ID)---
var v = \
[BTN("Click Here","A","Demo")]<br>
[BTN("Click Here","B","Demo")]<br>
[BTN("Click Here","C","Demo")]<br>

// This displays the HTML to the player.

// This waits for you to click a button with the specified ID
var CHOICE = client.WaitFor("Demo")
world << "Your choice was = [CHOICE]"

Feed 2.2.x will be hitting the hub sometime soon - we busted out the snow and lights from last year!


Here is the discord for the project.
With a good deal of help from Kaiochao and Theodis:

Definitely not a final concept either. The art and placements will change massively. I'm definitely not putting something mean for close range next to machine gun nodes.

That's more likely to show up near shotgun nodes, or arc cutter nodes.
I am so happy for you!
You have worked so hard, best of luck!!!!!!
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I'm still here, lurking, in the shadows, watching updates come and fiddling with new mechanics.

Anyone else using filters?
Yes, it is a true game! Awesome Flame
Banking, dungeoneering and player shops have now been put in to Zenith's Call's latest build. Dungeons are fully instanced zones with variable difficulties and challenges that await you and your friends.

Now that that's out of the way. Come to Wakai Cave, our first dungeon and buy my stuff!

Hi bros, here is my improvements about Old style Naruto

I send u my source if u want
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Bravo1 wrote:


Looking amazing as always.
Created via the client screen, planning on releasing it as a inventory/equipment system that you can "plug-in".

93 lines total

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Kozuma3 wrote:
Created via the client screen, planning on releasing it as a inventory/equipment system that you can "plug-in".

93 lines total

Look forward to this release. I need to dive into storage systems and have been reluctant to do so.
Doing some refactoring with animations, getting some new ones added, reworking how the walk/run cycle is selected (so that crazy overlaps don't occur like they currently do).

Added a different "weapon"

Highly suggested to watch while listening to:
Sexy minimalism is sexy.

But also infinite punches...
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