Vylocity uses VyScript, which is based on JavaScript if I understand properly. Meaning it's not actually JavaScript.

Why VyScript?

The reason VyScript was created and used instead of just using JavaScript is because JavaScript is not very structured and was not originally designed for creating games. VyScript takes JavaScript and gives it a structure to make it not only easier to use, but better for making games. And of course VyScript provides all the built-in goodies for easily creating games without having to start from scratch. In the end, the builder translates everything into pure JavaScript, so when you run your game, there is no interpretation. But do not worry, if you want to use pure JavaScript, you can! You can even access the engine and communicate back and forth. If you are interested in learning VyScript and creating your first project on Vylocity, head over to the tutorials page.

Vyscript is more or less just a structural lex that converts the asinine object prototype and module pattern structures that you need to use to write object-oriented Javascript

So yeah, he's right, you are right. We're all right. Let's not fight.

@Kozuma: If you get a chance, I'd recommend picking up a copy of RPGMaker MV. The full game engine's source code is included in the purchase, and it's fully structured in Javascript.

It's actually pretty neat to pick through to see how stuff is structured. But yeah, the implementation is admittedly poor in a lot of areas.
Almost got it. I really wish I would learn to comment my code. It's damn near impossible to figure out after a while away from it...
Got seamless working I think.
Particons just got a whole lot smexier.
Flick, mind adding a rotate option and a set-to-default (for the options) to Particons?
I just got into messing with Particons and I love it. Can't wait to see more in-depth options like merging two effects together and stuffs. :)
Currently missing: Arms and (possibly) legs.


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Bravo1 wrote:
Currently missing: Arms and (possibly) legs.

And (hopefully) trouser snake.

Battle scenario is finally fleshed out. It took me admittedly a lot longer to get around to than I thought it would. I genuinely thought I was 1 day from done four days ago, but I spent a lot of time fiddling with NPC dialogue and fully redesigning some aspects of the game that I thought were poorly handled.

A few visual effects are missing from combat and you can't use items in battle at the moment, but every formula has been converted from the dragon warrior assembly formulas into the game proper.

I changed the way that curses work. Curses actually prevent you from gaining experience until they are removed, and they also make monsters generate the highest possible stats during encounters. Monsters have a slight range that their stats can vary. Being cursed does away with that. The upside? Curses double the amount of gold you earn from battle and increase the rate of random encounters.

I also did some reworking of the game's accessories. A few bugs were present in the initial release that made some accessories just plain non-functional. Loto's Crest has been changed to an accessory. It reduces the cost of all vendor purchases when you are wearing it and also has an effect on a handful of NPCs' dialogue.

The pendant used to be a use-only item that would tell you your world coordinates. I've changed it up a bit. It shows you a special UI when wearing it that shows your coords on the screen as well as granting you an extra tile of light when in caves. To compensate for this, I've done some changing of the way that cave visibility works.

The fighter's ring used to do nothing. I've since changed it to double your critical hit rate.

I also changed magic armor to decrease the damage from walking on barriers by half.

The death necklace... Well, fair warning, it doubles your exp gain, but if you die while wearing it, you are really not going to like what happens. Like, really not gonna like what happens. For real.

The dragon scale is the most basic accessory. It provides defense that is much needed in the early game, but it also now serves a second purpose. It provides a decent defense to flames.

Encounter groups are finished, but I haven't finished importing the enemy table and enemy graphics. I decided to completely redo encounter groups using a more flexible system than the original permitted.

Encounter groups now use a special list in each area instance. The original game's encounter regions were set to a 15x15 grid. I've done away with the grid and sort of restructured and cleaned up the encounter areas.

original: http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/img/nes/dw/maps/ alefgard-4.jpg

Every area has its own distinct encounter rate and every turf has its own encounter rate. They are multiplied against the player's encounter rate to produce a final value that's used every step to determine the chance of an enemy encounter.

Shops now have configurable dialogue for every prompt and certain aspects of the shop can be turned off completely per-shop. For the sell value of items, every shop can set per-item overrides uniquely if you desire. Shops can be sell-only, buy-only, or both.

NPCs now hustle and bustle about town if their behavior is set to wander. They cannot leave the area that they initialize in, though.

In addition, when you leave town, the NPCS return to their initial position and all of their appearance information is reset to their initial values.

Shops saw some love too. I made them fairly customizable. You can disable buying, selling, or both! A shop with both buy and sell disabled is just basically an information booth though. There are also a whole slew of neat things you can change with regard to shops. You can customize or completely remove messages per-shop. You can also now fully customize sale prices on a per-item or shop-wide basis. Shops default to half the item's value in sale price. Shops also have a multiplier for buy prices, but there are other ways to customize buy prices that I showed last post.

At this point, there are a lot of features I want to implement and a lot of things that I want to fix/tweak, but I feel like I could tweak and fix forever and never really get this finished (like usual).

As for what's left, I still need to write the dialogue and situation for Rimuldar and Cantlin. I need to get doors and chests finished up using the new region triggering logic I wrote into the project, and I still need to finish up the monster and item database. After that comes adding sound effects and music and then adding the last of the visual polish.

Once this is in a completed state, I'm going to take a much deserved break from it, then clean up the code with fresh eyes, taking what I learned during the process into account. After that, it's going to be tutorial time.
Great work Ter! I cannot wait to check this out.
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Says i do not have permission to view the contents of the link for the image of the original encounters or something.


Ter when you take your break and cum back to the project will you make a game 4 it? Maybe call it the mlg adventures of ter and yut 2 the escapade ft. flick.

Also can you add some uhh mmo features to it like a party system so me and my growing list of imaginery friends can quest and dungeon together?
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Calus CoRPS wrote:
Great work Ter! I cannot wait to check this out.

Whoa, I didn't know the CoRPS still existed. I should be cautious from now on.
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Wuts that?
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Wuts that?

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Ghost of ET wrote:
Wuts that?

< >
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I love this xD
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Bl4ck Adam wrote:

@Bl4ck Adam: Your facility with visual effects is pretty impressive. It's a skill I'm jealous of because I am great at hard system work, but not so much with visual effect work.
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10/10 xD!!!!!
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I usually scratch my head when people mention my visuals. They seem pretty generic and easy to do imo.

The particles in the .gif are no exception.

var/particle/b = new //I should probably use object pools.
bounds="16,16 to 17,17"
del src

Nonetheless, I take the compliments and run with them. So thanks!
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