Test Files for the GUI demo above, https://www.sendspace.com/file/nkvexa
A lot of filters and effects are disabled as even the screenshot version brings my crappy pc to 5 fps.

It runs smooth otherwise lol.

Try it here --> https://www.sendspace.com/file/ir4igx

Working on dungeon/cave generation.

The first few of these are based on the 'drunken walk' algorithm. The rest are a type of cellular automata. I haven't adapted them to hex based use yet, so there are still some odd little artifacts.
How do I link a picture to the forum to show off my project?
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How do I link a picture to the forum to show off my project?

<img src="URL">
Got my hex based view worked out pretty well. Still a few issues with some of the shadow angles, but it's not bad.
Feels good to be back on Dream maker. Won't have internet back for a while though.
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Feels good to be back on Dream maker. Won't have internet back for a while though.

If you get a phone you can get a data plan, download PDANet and it will allow you to tether your phone even if they shut off the ability to tether/hotspot.

Internet Struggles are real

Showing off some updates to the "Terror" enemy. Not shown - It has a death "animation" now which sees it pop like a balloon (kind of).


This is showing off some changes I made to ambient animations. I explained more of what's going on with it in the Discord, but for here: I added a breathing camera effect which only applies when you're standing still. I may add an animation on the body for it as well but I have to play around with it. As well, the camera follows your weapon in order to make it more relevant to look in front of and behind you as there definitely will be enemies that take advantage of where you're looking.

I've also been floating some dynamic difficulty ideas with others on the Discord and I'm liking some of the ideas a lot!

Side notes for my personal life: Starting a new job beginning of February, should be fun, but it may heavily cut into my dev time. Not sure just yet. Fingers crossed.
@Kozuma I'll get internet back alright, but I'm waiting till my project is ready to play first. I do way more work when I'm offline
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I train my "mentalism" skill by picking up a book.
I draw a pentagram with blood, I can write a command in the middle to do magic.
I hide in my storage unit with salt at the door to stop ghosts from entering.
I cut off a man's arm, he flees.


Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/ index.php?file_id=01921176998250595652

Magic commands : tear soul, unbind corpse, bind corpse, wake soul
(will add more obviously)

The rest you should be able to figure out by yourself, I don't like babysitting ;)
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what the actual fuck lol

Can we uh... talk about something here?
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