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Made some with a reduced tile size so the grid doesn't show. Screws up the tile placement a bit, but it still looks pretty good.
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Added a few things in. Basic forests and some smaller towns within regions.

I'm gushing at the way this is generated.
Created this while offline a few weeks ago.
Added equipment and inventory slots, changed the blue bar above health to yellow to represent stamina once added.

Made a pretty island with 2 small houses :3

Finally started adding in some of the low level mobs (still in progress ofc)

I like this one. Starting to look like an interesting place to wander around.
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It would be cool if you generated political information/faction control so that the maps looked lived in :o
That info is there, it just isnt displayed by default.
A slight tinge/biome for each political zone would be really neat

It would be very easy to do with a color matrix
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Flick wrote:
That info is there, it just isnt displayed by default.

BYOND Civilization :D
Weather, just for the hell of it.

Closeup with rain and shadows.
Night time pls, that looks beautiful
Sure, why not. :)

Thanks Kaiochao...
new HUD design:
So I've spent a good long while designing the interior to the house players will begin their adventures along with the NPCs that "find" you:


After about 4 days of help from numerous people in the BYOND discord I managed to finally make NPCs a lot more managable, a lot of the coding was a mess for dialog and it was very un-thought out I basically completely scrapped what was there before, now I can add lists upon lists of dialog that the system will run through automatically without me actually having to do anything other than write out what they say, also made it so you can skip what they say rather than having to wait/be interrupted by it doing it automatically.


Also just thought I'd show off a bit of my rough combat, it still needs some refining but I think everythings starting to come along quite nicely :p

some card pixel art i made today that i am pretty proud of
My skills window is now somewhat complete, minus the professions tab (need to change crafting to professions as crafting is the action not the skill xD) Quite proud of this actually, the player can get an unlimited amount of skills and the window will make continuous pages for as long as you can change page/scroll, speaking of which players can scroll through their skills using their mousewheel, I'm especially happy about that as it gives it more of an ... official? feel if thats the correct sense of the word xD originally had it displaying the smaller circle GUIs in there but looked completely and utterly weird so decided they needed larger display GUIs exclusive for the skills window... as far as interface elements go, this has turned out my favourite and after learning things i've implimented in the skills window I'm contemplating remapping the inventory window to make it more user friendly and have more of a capacity, as it stands inventory capacity caps at 48 slots... not a whole lot of items really if the games heavy on item usage xD anyways.. screencap time haha



Still working out a lot of things, but the Ultima-inspired combat system is coming along quite nicely, along with randomly generated loot/uniques to boot.
That pixel art/palette is incredible!

EDIT: Except for the fence part, that's a bit garish :)
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