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What's going on in the gif? Cant see anything.
Most of the tiles are CC0 Dungeon Crawl tiles, so I can't really take credit for them :). Some(like the fence) are custom or edits of other less fitting tiles as placeholders. If I darkened it a bit it would probably fit in better.

As for what's going on, I dunno if it's too dark or not loading for you but it's really just some light combat between a player and a goblin.
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Flick wrote:
Thanks Kaiochao...

WTTTFFF that's so hectic!! Kaiochao.... you made the 360 shootah game right?
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Didn't appear nice on my phone but on my pc looks fine. Nice art.
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Perhaps there could be an option where the color of the walls is based on your personal health level?
Hmm.. that's a great idea! And pretty easy to do since the walls aren't colored, only the single background object :)
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Looks pretty sweet.
i made a 100% fully 3d byond game, and it's coming along really well lately, and is a sequel to an old game i made several years ago. i might share news soon, me just posting this at all is a lot for me to share so that means i'm feeling pretty good about the project right now. it currently has a solid amount of gameplay and a clear start and end, which is nice.

this is just me messing around to show what the game looks like
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That's almost like The Royal Nonesuch engine by OneFishDown. That one had more degrees of rotation, but wasn't very smooth. I would consider both engines to be only 2.25D at the most, due to the absence of perspective transformation. It's still a very cool concept with some interesting ideas. I always wondered about the feasibility of a building game with that sort of engine, so it's nice to actually see one in action.

Also, someone on the Dream Makers discord, in the show-and-tell category, has some very cool ideas for an even more 3D looking BYOND game, so you might want to check that out. I left some interesting links there about voxel engines that were used in the past.
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I would consider both engines to be only 2.25D at the most, due to the absence of perspective transformation.

The way I see it, a game is fully 3D if the game-play allows you to navigate and think in a three dimensional environment. To me, 2.5d would be something like Chain of Memories where the character can jump but the camera can not turn so you don't have to worry what's on the "other side" of things. In Z2, there's no such "other side", because the game requires the player to navigate, build, and view the world in three dimensions. In fact, there's no current height limit in the game, so you could build and live in a tower that goes into the sky. That said, I've known about this particular 3D trick ever since I saw Kaio do it years ago. I think what makes this particular game special is that it's one of the only gameplay-heavy titles made with the engine that requires the player to navigate in 3D. D4RK3's games come close I think, but normally they are just a 3D effect put on a 2D level. It was really exciting to push that boundary. If there are other 3D games made in BYOND that are playable and require 3D navigation, that would probably make for a fun thread in the on topic forum.

Perspective warping would be nice but not until we have 3D transforms will I try to go for it. I do have some ideas for one-point perspective though.

Also, Z2's view actually has 360 degrees of rotation, but I scrapped that in favor of locking it to 45 degrees because it didn't play well in testing. There is a very high chance I will open source Z2 so that other people can mess around with the engine. There's probably a lot of room for optimization because I'm not known for writing fast code.

here's the hub
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Sure, you can argue that the gameplay itself is three-dimensional. I was just talking about it from a technical standpoint. While you can rotate the view along an imaginary vertical axis, you are still stuck with a fixed 30 angle relative to the map, with no way of actually looking up or down, which is virtually impossible without a perspective transform.

The rotation controls are reversed compared to what most players would expect, which really bothered me, although it is a personal preference. Picking up a specific block and placing it where you want it to go is way harder than it should be. Half of the time, the selection outline wasn't even visible. This type of thing would be so much easier if it was done with the mouse. It's just too painful as it is now.

The block merging is a nice concept, but the aim is awkward. Maybe at higher levels you could merge more than 2 at a time, in a row? A downwards stomp version would make a really nice addition.

It seems odd to me that the ground isn't made up of blocks like everything else. The game wants to have a fully destructible environment, yet it doesn't.

Also, when there is dialogue on the screen, your character shouldn't be able to perform any actions, because the game can interrupt itself, causing you to miss what was said.

Other than that, it's a great start for a sandbox game. It just needs a lot of work, and maybe some enemies. Sorry if this is overwhelming. I'm just trying to provide some detailed feedback.
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Magicsofa wrote:

This looks sick. Makeeeee a mode likeeeee skirmish in Star Control for the sega genesis. aha. (it'd be sick)

Wip, mobile sucks, uses 513.1491
Sorry for the lack of updates, life got really hectic. The company I work for was sold with me and others with it, moved into a new place, got married! Only just now have I been able to settle down and actually get back into the swing of things with the game.

Made some adjustments to the player icon, such as a different visor option and reducing the contrast on it a bit by bringing the darkest colors (which was pure black before) up slightly. This makes things look a bit smoother. I couldn't find a good image to compare so the one on the left looks way worse than it did in the past, but even if it were perfect, the right one still looks way better to me.

As for the "Shambler" enemy, I went in and reworked the icon to match the higher fidelity that's seen in the rest of the game. I've also separated it into pieces in preparation for an animation overhaul similar to that of the player mob.

More to come.

Here's an update to how the Shambler looks/moves.
I plan to update the tentacle arm as well, and possibly updating the enemy so that instead of just walking towards the player, it will stop when close and then attempt to whip them with the tentacle.
OH GOD it's nightmarish
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