Sorry for the lack of updates, life got really hectic. The company I work for was sold with me and others with it, moved into a new place, got married! Only just now have I been able to settle down and actually get back into the swing of things with the game.

Made some adjustments to the player icon, such as a different visor option and reducing the contrast on it a bit by bringing the darkest colors (which was pure black before) up slightly. This makes things look a bit smoother. I couldn't find a good image to compare so the one on the left looks way worse than it did in the past, but even if it were perfect, the right one still looks way better to me.

As for the "Shambler" enemy, I went in and reworked the icon to match the higher fidelity that's seen in the rest of the game. I've also separated it into pieces in preparation for an animation overhaul similar to that of the player mob.

More to come.

Here's an update to how the Shambler looks/moves.
I plan to update the tentacle arm as well, and possibly updating the enemy so that instead of just walking towards the player, it will stop when close and then attempt to whip them with the tentacle.
OH GOD it's nightmarish
Made some animations for them dying and reworked the tentacle arm.
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