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Would make sense.
And that's one possibility, but I was thinking "why not just have one single bar and have it change colors and refill?"
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I've been pretty busy working on quite a few things, which has left me little time for my own personal projects but-

Pictured above is the house building system I've been toying around with. It uses screen objects.

Basically there are 3 buttons- one to close the interface , one to switch the modes and one to switch the constructs.

You purchase land in this mode, and once you own it you can revert it to it's original form, alter it into a different visual, or build upon it.

Currently it features building walls and floors. I plan to expand upon it by allowing players to place crops, perhaps some furniture items and add a few less ugly options for housing walls and floors. * My house is pretty ugly imo*
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Avidanimefan wrote:
Just curious but what's up with the 4 health bars displayed there on the monster.

In SAO the bosses tend to have multiple health bars. Like in those old PS1/PS2 Dragon Ball Z games where you had the red hp bar, then yellow, then transparent.
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Yea I remember that bit about SAO.
I just didn't know it was multiple bars. That's different :o Altho a bit problematic.


I am leaving the fan games scene pretty soon, I think.
Yut Put wrote:
you know what is problematic? the fact that yut was rejected as a playtester. i am going to call the byond police and they are going to have some words with the people in charge of this obvious scam

Besides the fact that Zane444 said he has no idea how you got his artwork lol.
Avidanimefan wrote:
I think...his sarcasm is so thick that people are mistaking it for seriousness.

Clearly over 9,000.

Due to his history, it's difficult to tell when he's being serious and when he's being sarcastic. It's on par with knowing when Developous is serious about the Nexus and when he's being sarcastic about the Nexus.
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Well. Damn. I have nothing to say to that. I guess you're point is super effective.

Doohl's gonna be pissed when he sees this.
*This is why we can't have nice things*
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Pokemon Entertainment wrote:
Sword Ascension Online: Step forth into the expansive land of Sword Ascension Online. Behold it's beautiful landscape as you encounter numerous players in this MMORPG. However be forewarned, you will meet people from all types of backgrounds. This could mean anything from a new friendship to a dangerous fight to the death. As a player you will explore an ever changing environment as you climb the 100 floors of Sword Ascension Online. Perilous obstacles await every one of you, each floor guarded by ferocious and blood thirsty floor bosses. Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none!


I'm going to bump this, was hoping to get criticism on the game's description *clearly inspired by SAO*
Criticism is totally fine. Just keep it civil and positive. Flame wars will not be tolerated here.

Now show us what you got!
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I can't help but notice something. and i can't help but ask but is your game turn based?
It is a mockup, I'm actually not up to date on how much work the artist has done on the boss however the player base's poses you see are in current gameplay now. Depends on what weapon you have equipped when you toggle combat.
Aka they have only mock-ups and no actual gameplay. mockup-no-jutsu. they might be better off making it a turn based game though. ET they don't have the resources to animate that boss their pixel artist is Aeon he who couldn't make a game without zanes resources but i don't judge. we will see being their alpha is coming out the 25th we will see if they can pull it off with the NU source + these mock ups. I've also see the same fire torches on other posts on pixel joint. but you do have a point though there are too many poses to justify the layers besides they have a byond admin on their side so we will see.
good luck to the SAO team though we will see
when is severed world coming out!!!
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Yut Put wouldn't be able to answer that :)

We anticipated a public Alpha release exclusive to the BYOND community / hub before a more far-reaching Beta release sometime soon, and we still do, but we can't give any dates just yet. Rest assured we're still working on the game almost daily.
Yeah, I know. It was in response to this:

ShinRae wrote:
when is severed world coming out!!!

Which was apparently directed to you.
Yut Put wrote:
severed world is coming out tomorrow you heard it first here from me yut put lead developer and releaser

Indeed, I'm currently working on microtransactions. Severed World will feature a farmville minigame where you can spend tokens to make your crops grow faster. 10 shares on facebook gets you a free cow and a +99 vorpal watercan.
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