Well, after most of todays news has swept in, via IGN, multiple screenshots of multiple games were posted on the site. I must say, I am VERY impressed with the Wii as of right now. Everything it will let you do, it's mind blowing. I'm going to enjoy having this console. Anywho, lets get back to the point.

IGN posted the new Wii Interface video, which shows off the newly announced "Wii Channels" feature. What exactly is "Wii Channels" you ask? Wii Channels is basically the Nintendo Wii's own Dashboard, if you will. On it, you're able to flip into several different "Channels" to access quite a few features. Some features include a Weater and News Channel, aswell as a picture book channel.

Video on "Wii Channels"*-

Other info on the Wii-

*Note: The video is a tad bright.
Theres also decent videos on the offical Wii website via
Already covered that ;D. Thanks anyway Akiyo.

Ah, just noticed that I put other Info, rather than Videos
Wii is still a moronic name. Revolution was much much better!
Be that as it may, it's still going to be a revolutionary console.
im buying one why spend 800$ on a ps3(take a min to think if you still dont get it dont feel dumb)but even if it cost me 400$ i would get it before a Xbox360 sad they are stealing xboxs market place idea.
I am very excited about the Wii. Moreso than the Xbox 360, actually.
I am aswell Zorato. I belive the reason is the fact that their not repeating the same old same old. Their starting off a new branch. The Xbox360 and PS3 are going to be powerfull consoles, and deliver some amazing games and graphics, but the Wii is going to deliver the most entertaining games, aswell as the awesome party games. The Wii doesn't compete graphically, but it will sure as hell compete gameplay-wise. Oh, and Zorato...Accept my friend request on XboxLive. Even if you don't have a Gold Account, you can have a Silver Account and get all the sweet demos, etc. ;.;.
I will when I renew my X-box live membership.