RP Infinite

by Konlet
Create the unreal and live in another world.
Hello BYOND Community; more specifically RPI community!
I'd just like to inform everyone that RP Infinite will be getting regular updates each Friday. The spontaneous growth is encouraging us to work more and listen to the community, so I must say we do greatly appreciate each and every one of our fans.

Build 18
Build 18, releasing this Friday, includes more admin commands for customization, a color wheel for selecting any colors, character derivatives, HTML integration (you guys will love this!), and many bug fixes.

If you're interested in hosting an RPI server, we are still offering to host 24/7 servers for our sponsor hosts. Thanks!
I don't get people's fascination with trying to base text-based roleplays on RPU's interface... Admitted, the dual chat functionality is extremely helpful for separating OOC and IC, but as far as other UI elements goes, it's pretty wasteful. Just some food for thought.
In response to Kats
I would like to change the interface completely; though, as I don't have a knack for design, we're leaving RP Infinite as a democracy open to suggestions.
I kinda like this one, better than RPU lol.