About 20 minutes ago we (Justin, a friend, and I) decided to take a trip up to the store to pick up some brew and salsa... met two hotties in the party store. Stayed and chatted for a minute, got some numbers... ya know, that stuff. We get out to our other friend's car (Justin's broke down earlier today) and back up and get ready to pull out, and the girls stop to let us go first... we pull out, but the POS stalled right in front of them... ~_~ Took a few seconds to get it running again.... embarassing eh? Should've took the Xtreme instead... Guess they wont be home if we decide to call :P... anyways, just some randomness from the life of Kosher.


P.S. Anyone think we should have our friend tint his windows? ^.^
Just paint them black.
In response to Sariat
Sounds good to me.

In response to Koshigia
Nah, black's too passe. Navy Blue, for that "uniquely private" look.