Phenomenal Battle

by RON913
Phenomenal Battle
This is a Project I work on whenever I have free time, But if it gets enough attention I'll put all my time into it and add special perks for subscribers.

It will be the biggest game possible on byond's Engine....Well only if it get the attention I want.

Game Creator:RON913
CO 1:
CO 2:
Head Enforcer 1:
Head Enforcer 2:
Head Enforcer 3:
Enforcer 1:
Enforcer 2:
Enforcer 3:
Enforcer 4:

--Police Department--
Police officer 1-
Police officer 2-
Police officer 3-
Police officer 4-

Police are not the same as GM's
They do not have special verbs but they can send you to jail but only if they hit you with there club and you are wanted.

DONE: Finish the ooc
DONE: Finish the guild code
UNDONE: Finish the quest compass
UNDONE: finish the followers
UNDONE: finish the maps
UNDONE: A good amount of quests
UNDONE: fix any left over bugs