Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game
Many in-game and custom attacks have effects attached to them that provide tactical advantages in battle by either inflicting detrimental statuses upon enemies, placing boons upon yourself or allies, or modifying attacks to be more effective in one area or another. This is a list of those effects and the techniques that have them.

Attack Modifiers

These are tags attached to various techniques that describe or augment how they function ic'ly and what benefits they provide in combat.


Effect: Piercing allows for an attack to hit its initial target and then carry on afterwards in order to strike at further targets beyond them. Piercing comes in three levels that determine how effective they are. Level one(1) allows for one additional target to be hit, level two(2) allows for two additional targets to be hit, level three(3) allows for the benefits of level two(2) alongside being able to pierce any barriers used against the move itself (which denies barrier technique modifiers in defense rolls. The barriers can still be used, they are simply ineffective.)

Piercing moves also give a temporary bonus of 5 (+5) per level of piercing to their damage when they are being countered (If two piercing moves are used against eachother only the highest recieves the bonus and its bonus is reduced by tier based on the lower (lvl 3 vs lvl 2 would only recieve +5 (15-10=5))). This bonus is -only- to determine whether or not the attack is successfully countered, it does not effect the damage the player takes from the attack in any circumstance. Piercing moves used to counter do not recieve this benefit outside of lowering the effectiveness of other piercing moves.

Requirements: Multiple targets must be in a straight line in order to be pierced.

In-Game Moves: Koten Zanshun (lvl 3), Slice (lvl 1), King's Claw (lvl 1), Hirviendo (lvl 2), Gaki Rekkou (lvl 2), Byakurai (lvl 1), Jugeki Byakurai (lvl 3), Ikkaku Extend (lvl 2), Vine Extend (lvl 1), Nake (lvl 2), Gin Extend (lvl 2),


Effect: Repulse gives an attack the ability to send an opponent hurtling away after they have been hit by it an amount of meters equal to the raw offensive stat associated with the technique (a physical attack with the repulse modifier would send an opponent flying five(5) meters back for example.). This is useful for countering multiple attacks from a single opponent as if the first attack in the round is successfully countered then the second is made automatically ineffective due to a lose of aim and positioning and is sometimes an easier method for cancelling techniques. Some repulsing techniques can even be used to counter attacks of an inequivalent type depending on situation and technique.

Requirements: Must deal damage to successfully repulse an opponent.

In-Game Moves:Smack, La Muerte, Proyectile Azul, Roar(Phys, phys str roll +5 mod), Kongobaku, Seki (Phys), Shou, Tenran, Hiryugekizokushintenraiho, Kaien Pressure, Chain Throw (same effect but pulling instead of pushing),

Large Range:

Effect: Large Range abilities cover a far wider area than other techniques. Attacks with this modifier are also incapable of being countered by attacks that aren't of the same variety. They most often come in the form of a forward firing attack that covers three tiles.

Requirements: The targets must all be next to eachother within range of the Large Range technique.

In-Game Moves:Patros Power Blast, Hirviendo, Black Cero,Gran Rey Cero, Hiryugekizokushintenraiho, Soren Soukatsui, Haien, Wind Blast, Flower Blast, Sange, Reiatsu Blast, Taden, Tenreitokra, Zig Wave, Getsuga Tenshou, Tsugi no Mai, Nake, Benihiko, Kaien Wave (6 tiles), Tidal Wave, Nadegiri, Wind Cutter, Wind Bomb, Launc Missile, Hifuki


Effect:Techniques with this modifier are capable of hitting multiple targets with a single roll regardless of their position on the battlefield as long as they are within perceptual range. These techniques are not capable of hitting a single target multiple times.
Requirements: All targets must be in the same general direction of eachother.

In-Game Moves: Giralda(2), Coyote Cero(3),


Effect:Attacks that have this modifier are capable of being used to counter multiple attacks, from one or more opponents, using a single roll. Normal counter rules apply against each attack that is being countered.

Requirements:All attacks must come from the same general direction in order to be properly countered.

In-Game Moves:Serene Sword Slash (This move ends the user's fb upon use), Giralda, Coyote Cero

Half Counter:

Effect:Attacks that make originate from a position away from the initiator of the offensive manuever or that are performed through special methods that make them difficult to counter have the Half Counter modifier. This means that if they are countered the user does not recieve any damage, at the same time though if they are used for countering they can still be harmful.


In-Game Moves:Raikohou, Sai

Area of Effect (AoE):

Effect:All encompassing attacks that spread outwards from the user in a wide area are considered to be AoE attacks. AoE attacks can still be countered and defended against as normal and they can still only be used to counter singular attacks with every roll but even during usage as a counter anyone inside of the range must deal with the attack in some manner.

Requirements:All targets must be within the set range of the attack in order to be effected.

In-Game Moves:Shugesan Tenreitokra, Vine Burst, Kaien Pressure, Wind Burst, Burst

Status Effects:

These tags denote the detrimental effects that are placed upon opponents if they are struck by an attack that carries the status.


Effect Inflicted:Burned

Effect Description:The target has been burned by severe heat and does not recieve any positive effects from healing abilities used on them, instead the full heal goes towards removing the burn status. This effect is stackable.

Requirements:Requires success on a called 1d3 roll.

Special Effects:Can be be applied even if the attack is not fully successful as long as it was not evaded. In this instance two(2) successful calls must be made on two(2) different 1d3 rolls.

Can replace the Bleeding status effect with Burned.

Can be stacked multiple times.

If the effect is stacked three(3) times (+1 for every two(2) defensive passives the target has) then the target recieves the Immolation extra effect. This causes the user to recieve lingering damage every turn equal to their highest raw defensive stat divided by two(2)
In-Game Moves: Fire Blast*, Shakkahou, Soukatsui, Soren Soukatsui*, Nadegiri, Shoen


Effect Inflicted:Frozen

Effect Description:The target's body has begun to freeze over, making all of their movements much more sluggish. The inflicted recieves a negative modifier of two(-2) to both their evasion and initiative rolls. This effect is stackable.

Requirements:Requires success on a called 1d3 roll.

Special Effects:Can be applied even if the attack was not fully successful as long as it was not evaded. In this instance two successful calls must be made on two(2) different 1d3 rolls.
Can replace the Burned status with Frozen.
Can be stacked multiple times.
If the effect is stacked a number of times that fully negates a person's evasion/initiative misc. mod (or twice for those that do not have any boost from movement passives) then they recieve the Bound status effect for three turns. They may break this bind by taking 15 damage and spending 1AP.

In-Game Moves: Tsugi no Mai, White Moon*, Hyourinmaru


Effect Inflicted:Poisoned

Effect Description:The target's body has been poisoned in some manner and thus they take variable lingering damage because of it. Upon a successful application of the effect the user rolls a 1d10 and the target takes the result as damage each time they take their turn. This lasts for three turns unless healed. This effect is stackable, as is the damage that it inflicts.

Requirements:Must successfully damage the target to take effect.
Requires success on a called 1d3 roll

Special Effects:Can be stacked multiple times
Can be healed, but the effectiveness of any healing roll is reduced by half as a result of the poison being extracted neutralized.

In-Game Moves: Poison, Shimoku


Effect Inflicted:Blinded

Effect Description:The target has had their senses (Normally sight) altered or dampened in some manner. They recieve a penalty of six(-6) to their evasion rolls while anyone that they attack gains a bonus of six(+6) to their own evasion rolls. This can be stacked up to twice.

Requirements:Must successfully damage the target to take effect.
Requires success on a called 1d3 roll.

Special Effects:None.

In-Game Moves: None.


Effect Inflicted:Insane

Effect Description:The target has undergone a warping of the mind or body that has left them incapable of thinking or acting rationally in a normal manner. They recieve a bonus of ten(+10) to their attacking rolls but also recieve a penalty of ten(-10) to all of their evasion rolls.

Requirements:Must successfuly damage the target to take effect.
Requires success on a called 1d3 roll.

Special Effects:None.

In-Game Moves: None (Berserking ic'ly as a vaizard is the only method of obtaining this state in-game.)


Effect Inflicted:Bleeding

Effect Description:The target has been given a wound that pours blood each time they act in a strenuous manner. This inflicts damage to the target each time they use a technique equal to the technique modifier of said ability.

Requirements:Must successfully damage the target to take effect.
Requires success on a called 1d3 roll.

Special Effects:Can replace the poisoned status.
Can be healed by expending ten(10) reiryoku and 1AP (or five(5) if you are a human with a tier 5 fullbring), As well as through the use of a high level release (Bankai, Resurreccion, or Vollstandig)
In-Game Moves: Jab*, Shred, Ikkaku Extend, Gin Extend


Effect Inflicted:None

Effect Description:Techniques with this ability are capable of siphoning life energy or spiritual energy from the target into the user upon a successful hit. The amount taken uses this formula: 1d3(to be rolled upon use) x (Tech mod/2)(Any Decimals are rounded down).

Requirements:Must successfully damage the target to take effect.

Special Effects:Can steal the Insane status (removing it from the target and applying it to the user. This does not occur with madness inflicted through berserking.
If the damage of a health draining move is less than the drain itself then the damage is increased to equal the drained amount.

In-Game Moves: Vine Burst(Reir), Vine Extend(Reir)


Effect Applied: Bound

Effect Description: Binding techniques restrict the afflicted target's ability to take actions down to the bare minimum. Any person inflicted with the bound status is only capable of normal defense until they are no longer bound as binding techniques restrict both the physical body as well as the more extensive spiritual pathways (As such techniques can be used to break the bound status but they don't travel far enough to deal damage to anyone other than the user).

Requirements: Must successfully roll higher than the target's defending roll to take effect.

Special Effects: Techniques with the Binding status do not deal damage to their targets.
Depending on the differential between the technique roll and the defense the number of turns a target is bound differs. A 1-5 differential is 1 turn bound, 6-10 is 2 turns, and 11 or higher is three turns. A binding can be broken early by making a roll an offensive roll during one of the turns in which you are bound, this roll deals no damage (unless you use a technique, in which case you take damage equal to half of the full roll) and is compared against the binding technique's roll with its 1d20 modifier removed (the binding roll's modifier, not the offensive roll's). If you roll higher then you break free of the bind at the cost of 1AP.

In-Game Moves: All Binding Kidou, Reiatsu Pressure (Rules listed below)

Called Rolls: Any status effect that requires a called roll is to be performed as follows: The technique is used> Defense is used and damage is confirmed where necessary> A number is stated in say> A ~rand 1,3 is made in say to determine if the called number appears, if it does then the effect is applied and if it does not then the effect is not applied.

Any technique with a * listed next to its name is automatically successful if it does damage, if it does not then a single called 1d3 is rolled if the move is of a kind that allows for the infliction of the status even when there is no damage done.

On the subject of reiatsu pressure: Reiatsu pressure in combat reflects how heavily your power weighs on those around you when you actively enforce it upon others through the use of the reiatsu pressure verb. Each message displayed through reiatsu pressure removes one runner passive based on the severity of the message you recieve. Should you be reduced to 0 then you are put under the effects of the binding status effect for one turn. Note that repeated uses of reiatsu pressure decrease its effectiveness. Every consecutive use after the first in the same battle reduces the message recieved by one tier.

These are the tiers:

Using Reiatsu Pressure:

You have had no effect on X (-0 to runner)
You have slowed down X..sort of. (-1 to runner)
You have slowed down X (-1 to runner)
You have heavily slowed down X (-2 to runner)
You have immobilized X..sort of. (-2 to runner)
You have almost immobilized X (-3 to runner)

Having Reiatsu Pressure used on you:

You feel no effect from X releasing their reiatsu (-0 to runner)
You feel a small effect from X releasing their reiatsu (-1 to runner)
You feel an average effect from X releasing their reiatsu (-1 to runner)
You feel a heavy effect from X releasing their reiatsu (-2 to runner)
You feel somewhat immobilized from X releasing their reiatsu (-2 to runner)
You feel almost immobilized from X releasing their reiatsu (-3 to runner)


There is an in-game Fullbringer Technique known as Reflect, until further notice this manuever follows the reflect formula found in the Advanced Water section of the Custom Skills page. It is treated as an automatic success.

The user rolls the reflecting ability against an opponents incoming attack, should they manage to roll higher then the person that fired the attack then the attacking party takes damage equal to (X+Y) - (Z/2) Where X= The attackers raw offensive stat, Y= The countering party's raw offensive stat, and Z equals the attackers appropriate raw defensive stat.

Offending party says: Reiryoku Strength roll: 8 = 1 + 5 + 2
Countering party says: Reiryoku Strength roll: 26 = 19 + 5 + 2
And the offending party's defense is 3.
In this case the formula is as follows (5+5) - (3/2) = 9
As such the offending party takes 9 damage. (Yes, 3/2 is 1.5, but decimals are always rounded down)
As of V7.8:

Lowers evasion and initiative

Prevents regeneration

Damaged per turn based on defense passives -

Arm Laceration:
Strength decreased by 5

Leg laceration:
Defense decreased by 5

Decreased Evasion and Initiative

Prevents movement

Increases movement cost

Take 1d10 of damage. Each new Poison is additive and increases the total damage.