by Kumorii
An aesthetic and lightweight approach to adding particle-based weather to your games!

Do you want fancy weather effects in your game that both look good and won't kill performance?

Look no further!

kii_Weather is a weather framework that uses native /particle effects to achieve aesthetic dynamic weather effects that add a whole new layer of depth to your world's atmosphere!

Not familiar with BYOND's particle effects? That's okay! This library is simple enough to understand and expand upon, and can help you learn to better understand how to utilize particles!

If you encounter issues or questions when using this library, please consider reaching out on Discord!

You can always find me on the BYONDcord Discord Server here:

Alternatively, you can contact me directly at: clouddspiderr#8523


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Updated the library!

-no longer requires time at startup to preload.
-now draws rain over random turfs instead of just looping rain over automatically selected turfs.
Updated again!

- Much more optimized.
- Now only renders weather effects in defined turfs.
- Weather effects are now only rendered within proximity to clients.
- Weather effect rendering can now be disabled for specific clients.