I was bored and decided to practice dat dere pencils and wanted to drow guko. Here's a picture of how it turned out.

plis don't hate on my i still practice my drawing a lot. I will update with the rest soon i promise.
PS: any tips to help me get better plis reply, also my english is bad its not my first language i'll get better.

BAM, RKO from outa nowhere. My super fast moving guko. He's moving so fast you're only able to catch glimpse of his body and head and if you're lucky his arms. Tips aye?
Looks like my 3rd grade quality... Back in 2001 lol
Tip: The human body is complex bro, you've gotta start with a more simple construction and then build on top of that the more final piece. You also need to think in three dimensions.

I recommend and that you look up various other websites and books for references of the human body.

Here is a book that sold on the website, it's pretty expensive though, so I don't recommend it over doing an amazon search for one. anatomy-for-sculptors-free-webinar-replay-july-2014