There are some bugs that occur on the web client when playing Space Station 13 Colonial Marines on Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, could someone confirm that they are web client specific problems by trying to replicate the bugs on native Windows Byond? This is so I can write better bug reports for the problems.

There are 2 bugs, both tested and confirmed in Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite (Safari has not been tested because it has bigger problems preventing the game from being playable at all):

Bug 1: Light (such as flashlight or flare) doesn't update darkness properly when moving up or down, but it works properly moving left or right.

Bug 2: When ghosting (in-game -> OOC tab -> ghost) following a player by clicking the follow link next to their name in chat results in the game unloading and being replaced by a 'not found' message. When the game is reloaded, the person selected is being followed.

PS No other servers can be tested using the web client because no others that have it enables work.
Which version did you use? 508.1299 fixed quite a lot of issues so if you're still on an older build, you should retest.
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I'm just using the version the 'Play in webclient' link sends me to, not sure how to check the version number.

Checked bugs 1 and 2 after your message and they are unchanged.

More bugs have been found and need confirmation on the native Windows client:

Bug 3: Related to bug 2, clicking on the name of an admin to reply to a message results in the same 'Not found' screen.

Bug 4: When each round restarts the left side of the screen, where the graphics would be, does not appear, nor does the ready popup (character setup, join game/ready, etc.).

Bug 5: Items sometimes don't update, such as placing an item into a backpack. The sprites only update (move from one hand to the backpack) when the character moves. This might be related to Bug 1.

Without knowing the full server version, it's impossible to know what's going on. The webclient has been updated with most of the beta builds, and particularly with the last several. I found that SS13 had quite a lot of issues in 508.1298, but 1299 should have fixed them.
I asked them on their forums (, they are using version 507.1286. They said they might review whether to upgrade if the stable version gets updated, which will be 508.1299 if I'm not correct? If they do, I will be able to test whether fixes you have made since 507.1286 fixed the problems, but until then it will be difficult to tell.
The webclient has undergone major revisions since 507.1286. Reports from that version are meaningless.