Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Poll: What you think about this upcoming downtime?

Yes, Partial downtime with Closed Test Server 20% (6)
Yes, Complete Downtime without Test Server 20% (6)
No Downtime, lets keep working together! 58% (17)
Maybe... I have other suggestion: 0% (0)

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Most of you know Azusa is a game in development, not being made by a team, but a single person (Me) art wise, interface, coding etc... That may be the reason of the updates being slow (Monthly) and the game to still have a "incomplete" look.

Azusa constant players knows the game have alot of features, skills, armors etc, but everything is a bit unnorganized, and without of alot documentation (lack of updated guides since I am focused in actually updating the game and dont have alot of time to explain stuffs) but most of the new players feels completally lost, see the 3-15 players online and assume the game have "nothing to do" and quits. This have been a problem since months, its not like I am giving up, this game will be complete (I like to finish the things I star) Me and the roleplay staffs were talking and we got to this idea:

Close the game, get into a downtime and work not into a update, but an actual release. Lets finish Azusa, make alot of armors, subgods, skills, maps, cities, change the building system, change icons, make diffrent terrains, finish guides, videos, etc. Before re-opening it again...

This may take a few months, maybe one? two? three? I don't know.. and the fact I dont know how long it can take, scares me alot... So to keep the Azusa fans updated to the progress I also came up with an idea; the partial downtime.

The partial downtime would basically be a pvp or rp test server for subscribers and close friends, there we would discuss what should be in the game, or what not, test features, balance skills, etc... (The test server may not be 24/7 and be hosted periodically, idk depends on the amount of players) untill everything would be done and ready for the true release and true roleplaying shell servers!

I am actually very sad with this, Azusa have made me go through alot of hard work, friendship, listening, discussions, changes! Wellp, its part of my life and I believe its part of some players life too since some played the game since the beginning! And even those that started playing for like 2 months had some fun with me there, so I am really sad to shutdown for a unknown downtime;
I hope I finish this game fast enough before you guys grow up and get a job and stop playing games, cuz I want to play Azusa with all of you again ;D

But the downtime seems to be important to keep the hype of alot of players, expectations of what is coming next etc.. (even my hype, what will the players like more?) etc...

But ah, its not a goodbye yet, the downtime will probably happen next month, or when the current great war on the roleplay server ends;

Just to keep nostalgic, gonna post here some of the progressline we had with these "Updating system"...

2 years ago me explaining the game for a few players, and shit... that interface really sucked xD

The drawning I made for the login screen, I still didnt have enough time to make a real new one xD Wellp

The very first great war! Oh I remember that one :'D back then there were only 2 elites, Love and Justice xD and look at all those interface attempts, this one is a -little- better then the first, right? that light system were so cool, but was too heavy and ended up lagging alot, its gone for good as the game runs smooth now

And the first skills update! Before the elites didnt have skills :O To think that now we have over 68 skills makes me smile xD And another progress on that interface, its looking way better now.. Thats also the same update I added the Jails of lie, one of my favourite skills untill now :D

Lets stop this before I start crying, Wellp...
Gonna change alot of things, so you will also like to put those old screenies in ur memories, expect to see an amazing game when its back :D

Ir's tough being a single project developer. You've done very well and have nothing to be remorseful or sad about.
Bring your game back better than ever!
Keep up the hard work man, this was inspirational. Good luck!

is he shooting fire out of his nipples in the last screenshot
Damn you Inu, You made me CRY! Anyways i hope the game will be better than ever, im looking forward to the sanctuary like in Saint Seiya, and more armors like 12 gold saints, sagittarius,pisces etc... and more repear amors, good luck!

Now that I think about it, it feels like you've been one of those developers that was always putting out content on his game no matter what people thought and making updates as much as you could. It really shows how much you loved this game and how much you believed in yourself and kept pushing forward, that's more than a lot of us could say. I do truly wish you the best going forward. You deserve et. :]
Played your game, and it is awesome. The thing that would improve your game the most? A better interface, if you look at games like DU or Space Station 13 they have interfaces that take half the screen, but I feel that isnt your game's style, so I think a Pop-up type interface would suit you well. :D (Just in my opinion )