Rotting Aftermath

by Ss4gogeta0
Rotting Aftermath
Something Evil is Lurking in the shadows of Era City
I have big big news for everyone...

Development on Rotting Aftermath is resuming as of today...

plus, I am working on a huge map based on the Urban Dead Borehamwood map.

each color represents a different a different suburb in the city. the countryside alone is 74x18 and the current suburb im in the process of mapping out called elstree is 23x26 squares with each square occupied by a building or lot

my current process on the district of Elstree is that I have a school, junkyard, car lot and park done. I still have alot more to go and I will keep everyone posted on my progress

Hopefully the migration from our old city to the new one will be a smooth process when I am done..

- Ss4gogeta0
still working on it but im kinda spread out on different projects ranging from GTA PC Mods, Xbox game Mods, Modding Outbreak, Beta Hunting for different games in old magazine scans.

:P lots of work