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I'm having a really sassy Byond moment.

I tested my (src.client) overlays on another test and they work perfectly.
I have no coding errors but not all of my screen overlays seem to show up.
Is there a limit to how many screen objs there can be? Am I missing something?

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From what I've read, Lummox hasn't mentioned a limit of objects. (However, he has noted that newer versions of BYOND have a list limit of over 16 million.)

Run debug tests, make sure all the objects you're trying to add are being added. As a novice programmer, I had to recreate quite a few systems to understand what I'd done wrong.
Well, I've got it to display now my updater for the in game clock isn't working.
Gonna need to see code or there's nothing we can say/do.
I'm just curious though the code is exactly the same but it just doesn't work on one of the sources.

But I figured it out one of the procs were looping and cause a stack error but it didn't show at it usally does thanks for the help.