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by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Hello again! Well, I would like to announce what is in the furnace for the next months, but before we start I would like to explain that this topic will be used for future guides/reference on this new subject... So lets start:

In the picture you can see Posseidon Armor (or Posseidon Kamui). A Sub-God armor; (What you meaan?) Well, before I start I need to explain Death Lord's story in Azusa (if you ever been a Death Lord in Azusa RP servers you already know all of this, but lets let this clear:)

The first Subgod story
At Creation of Azusa's Universe, the Almighty God had a helper we all call "First Seraphin" It was an Angel gifted with an immense Cosmo and Potential, and through the first seraphin God created every Angels (his personal spiritual army), And as we know all Angels are gifted with a huge amount of Potential. However when God Created Humans those weak and physical creatures god also claimed them to be the Guardians of all living creatures (Alive animals wich guardians are based off) giving them the sacred Guardian armors, the First Seraphin hated that as he was sure Angels should be the Guardians and God have became crazy! However God explained that only humans were perfect enough to understand the meaning of the Elite Armors (Love, Justice, Peace) for so Humans were created based on his image. First Seraphin then claimed that God lost his mind and should lose his position; He convinced alot of Angels to join him in his fight against God. However the first Seraphin knew he couldnt fight God that easily: He needed to weaken god first... And the First Seraphin Method to do it was to destroy what God loved: The humanity. The first Seraphin started by sealing his Angel self further then the Fire Ocean (An unreachable place) and possessed a human Body (the angel ability "Vassel" is what angels do to walk as human on earth) then using his Seraphin Powers he created his own Armor Type: naming himself the Death Lord "Hades" and thats how the Great Wars started. Since then these Gods have been battling for the future of humanity and the protection of every living creature.

New Subgods!
As times passed other Angels were given the tittle of Seraphins, the strongest of all Angels; however not all of them agreed with God's methods and they retired their tittle and with their amazing Seraphin powers they could also create their own armor type; unlike Hades those new subgods didn't need to seal themselves, most of them being neutral have their own personal objective.

New Armor Types:
Each Subgods created armors based on their objectives, and those armors are given to humans that follows and believe in that said god, getting powers alike to the Elite Guardians humans fight to the destiny of the Earth and Underworld! Here is a graph of Armor Type and each subgod:

Protection by God:
At creation humans at overall start protected by the Almighty, but some races gets diffrent protections at creation; like Kappa starts protected by Posseidon and Demons starts protected by Hades.. But as you play, a God can contact you, and if you follow his needs that god can invite you to worship him, this will change your protection to that said God. You can change your protecting god anytime, even if you are already a Elite Guardian or Zodiac Guardian etc... But what does protection means? Well, if you are protected by Almighty God and Seraphins can GI (God Intervation) at your fights, giving you cosmo boost to help you in combat, same as if you are protected by Athena she will be able to give you a GI etc.. But a God can't intervene if he isn't your protector. The concept of protector is a bound between human and said god, and must be mutual.. A God can stop protecting said human and a human can stop being protected by that god at anytime they want...
To become a Guardian of said armor type you need to be protected by said god.. But if you for example gets corrupted by Hades, (yeah you can become a traitor). I also should mention here that the number of protected people will make a God's GI stronger, but by average Almighty haves the strongest GI. Also last detail here is: Anyone that becomes reaper gets his Protection automatically set to Hades, and can only change between the underworld gods (Atleast while he is dead) And if Yeshua blood is used to clean/revive someone, the revived person will have their protection changed to Almighty. Some relics may also influence God's protection as if making you unreached by any god as cursed relics in future...

Kamuis (God Armors)
The known to be third transformation: Kamuis happens when a God gifts you with his personal armor, making you a "God Killer", strong enough to fight even gods personally; Kamuis are really powerfull and legendary to get; but you will wear the Kamui of the God that is protection you, and of course if you have no God Protection: you can't reach Kamui.

Subgods Vassels
We all know how to defeat the Death Lord and how to Defeat Almighty: Killing Hades's Vassel (Aka the Death Lord) will make all reapers/princes armors unavaliable for 300 years, and killing the 4 elites guardians (the ones meant to represent the Almighty on earth) will make all guardians armors unavaliable for 300 years... But what about the new subgods? Well its simple: When a Seraphin becomes a subgod, his Vassel becomes a target and get a logout form (everytime you logout, your vassel will stay there as an NPC) and if your vassel is killed, all your followers won't be able to use your armors for 300 years. And you will die, and a new Seraphin will take your place... Wellp but who will be strong enough to kill a God's vassel? Trust me.. You better pick strong people to protect you because you will need.. A Subgod Vassel can't wear Kamui at anytime (his spiritual form can, but not the vassel) so this makes them very vulnerable, however its possible for a vassel to reach Kamui, it happens when your protectee reaches Kamui. So, if your protectees are strong you will also be... So if you want to defeat a Subgod: Aim to the vassel, but his Guardians will do anything to protect him! So its a new Great War style!

Last Details:
This is a very big update, and this won't be finished in 7 days (wich is the date I usually finishes an update) so expect this one to take an extra month to be ingame; This topic can be used to ask questions about those new systems and, of course, suggestions!
Tell me what you think? Are you excited?
how about more gold cloth? the sanctuary?
the Zodiac Guardians are based on saint seiya's gold cloth, but with (probable) unique design each, each armor will be a sign of zodiac.
Sanctuary must be playerbuilt to protect Athena's vassel
ah nice i cant wait, the marine generals are poisedion is also gold cloth? how about the Elite Guardians?
so who are going to be the gods ?
The first Seraphin AKA Lucifer