Hello Readers! If you have been on the fence about supporting BYOND by becoming a BYOND member, you now have a chance to double your support, as DarkCampainger is running a BYOND Fund-a-thon, where he will match any donation up until the end of the month, or we reach $5000. Those who donate at least $10 will receive a Steam key from Silk Games for NEStalgia. Lets meet the goal!

The Game in a Day 2015 developers contest goes live this Saturday with $125 dollars currently pledged in prizes! Check out the informational post for full details.

Yut Put and Ter13 are back with BYOND and Without, featuring the commentary of Silkwizard, MrStonedOne, and Kats on several community topics and upcoming games. Unfortunately, the first 30 minutes were forever lost. Due to certain contests being held, the next podcast has been delayed.


Lummox JR released the first beta version of BYOND 509 this past week. In addition to a series of bug fixes, you can now change the appearance of the whole map with client.color, modify its effects using the new flags and color matrixs, and grab viewport details using client.bounds.


The 10 year anniversary edition of Wargames is now online and ready for download! Acebloke has created a huge update log that covers most of the changes, and created a twenty minute video that documents the changes. Ministries have been ditched for departments, icons have been sized up slightly, map and interface features have been included, and a whole lot more.

The Last Conflict now has twice as many weapons to take down some bosses who are twice as big. Darker Emerald has improved Free roam mode, adding flashy new effects and zombies that home in on the scent of blood. Players can learn new skills to take down new enemies.

Kumorii has upload a new version of Skrimish, an action packed RPG shooter. Look for the wisp, take down bandits, and gain levels. I would then say send your score to the leaders board, but it doesn't work. But it will be fixed tomorrow... Right?

What better way to begin your journey in Pondera than to begin with nothing but your own wits? The latest except from the Tree of Knowledge has been posted by AERProductions, documenting how players can create simple tools from basic resources in the environment. Pondera is an open world survival game that is currently in development.

Devourer Of Souls has posted the update logs for version 1.36 and 1.37 of Sigrogana Legend 2. Role-play, adventure and take down the monsters hanging around the Magmic Waterfalls, Dragonic Graveyard, and the goblin village tunnels. In case you run into any doors while exploring, you can use the expanded keyboard shortcuts to interact. The inventory has also been improved, to better accommodate some of the new high level equipment.

The cows are coming home for Cow RP. Wading though the excuses, we find some hidden treasures in the development log for version 4.05. The ability to sprint has been dawned upon the cows, tailoring has been reworked, and a series of new spells can be learned.

Kumorii, with some help from Toddab503 and Vrocaan, has revived Feed, a zombie shoot-em-up. Two unpopular maps have been removed and the pixel resolution has been decreased. For version 2.6, he is taking requests for features and changes, in addition to a control scheme change.

Taint_thewizard is back with the latest update for the RPG Avalon. Bug fixes aside, three new skills have been added, mining, fishing, and cooking. In addition, images of the character whom you are talking to now appear.

Inutaishos fills us in on some of the backstory of Azusa, detailing how gods, subgods, and humans play into it's universe. He drops us hints on the long term updates regarding great wars, transformations, and equipments.

BYOND Resources

  • Make onscreen text appear as players need it to using Kaiochao's screenbox.
  • Need some fast icons for your game in a day? Check out Dexdere's RPG Icon pack.
  • Savefiles driving you insane? Konlet presents Simple Save to help you out.
Aww, I didn't make the deadline ;__;
In response to Bravo1
Story of my life, man. I don't know how we keep missing them. I'm tempted to make a hub today! Lol

I really need to check out BYOND and Without though, sounds interesting.
In response to Toddab503
DO IT! :)
In response to Bravo1
Bravo1 wrote:
Aww, I didn't make the deadline ;__;

I just didn't make the cut. ;) Pretty busy couple of weeks for Byond. That's a good thing to see. I (we all) really need to try and take a little more of Dark's money. Thanks again for that.

In response to AERProductions

I agree with Flick, I wish I could donate more.
nao consigo jogar nada '-' eu cliko pra entrar no jogo mais ele n entra
In response to Danilomon
Danilomon wrote:
nao consigo jogar nada '-' eu cliko pra entrar no jogo mais ele n entra

Muito poucas pessoas aqui falam português . Isso também não é o lugar certo para estar se perguntando sobre isso.

Este é o lugar certo:
I was able to understand everything perfectly, and I have zero experience speaking Portuguese(I'm Hispanic)

I don't know if that's a good sign, because I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese.
GreatPirateEra wrote:
Well then.. xD. Even if that was a google translate, it was pretty damn good. Did you not tell him that there are very few people here who talk Portuguese, and that this isn't the correct place to be talking about this(not being able to play games)? if you didn't, then Spanish and Portuguese are not as similar as I thought..

I think Ter13 meant to say: Quando eu vejo você de seu armário do quarto , eu gosto de comer gatos e sussurrar seu nome.
Omelette du fromage
In response to Lige
Lige wrote:
I think Ter13 meant to say: Quando eu vejo você de seu armário do quarto , eu gosto de comer gatos e sussurrar seu nome.

Yikes... I hope not.

In response to Ter13
Ter13 wrote:
Omelette du fromage

This. Always this.

I never understood the urge to make SAO-based games. The setting is literally the most generic fantasy MMO possible. It's like, completely underdeveloped to the point where if you were to take every single thematic element of the series' setting and call it by a random name, nobody would actually notice.
In response to Ter13
Well, remember Ter: Byond is an acronym for a reason! :)
"Build Your Own Net Dream" -- A very subjective motto as each ones dream is varied from one to the next.
In response to AERProductions
AERProductions wrote:
Byond is an acronym for a reason! :)
"Build Your Own Net Dream" -- A very subjective motto as each ones dream is varied from one to the next.

AER for BYOND president!
Simple subjectivism when taken beyond mere cognitive basis and then enforced as a prescriptive ideal is a narcissistic and self-defeating philosophical proposition not compatible with any kind of progressive collaborative or supportive environment. Its proponents are merely calling for a social suicide pact. Nothing more. Food for thought.
In response to Ter13
Social Suicide Pact? Now that's something I could get into.
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