Poll: Which do you prefer?

Map Instancing 10% (2)
Open World 21% (4)
Bit of Both 68% (13)

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Just wanted to get some opinions on this, both have their pros and cons. But what do you feel suits 2D multiplayer games more? The ability to instance areas for groups of players, or having everything accessible?

Instancing removes 'kill stealing' and lets you control NPC re-spawns in certain environments so you can take a more tactical approach.

While open world lets you meet people you perhaps wouldn't if you spent most of your time in instanced areas and allows for more cooperative play if it's done correctly.
I imagine it'd be best if you were to create dungeons or story-line zones which were instances in order to prevent disturbance of gameplay when it may be important.
The idea for my game was that missions were going to be instanced areas for teams(so anyone in your team would be in the same instance when they got to the mission objective, e.g. a building) though I still haven't got my head around how to achieve this.

The other idea was to make it open world and allow for missions to occur once the team got to a specific area and then only they could interact with the NPCs for that mission and vice versa.

I was planning on making the "main story" something you could do with up to 4/5 other people, or do your best at soloing it.