Dragon Ball Z Union

by LaNuiit
Dragon Ball Z Union
Dragonball Z game based around the series
Welcome to Z Union


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Hi, what's is with you game ?
so is this done now, u been busy? how u been?
The game will be back :P Would be nice to chat with you again but the time-zone can really be a problem :P
ye, i dont play on byond much anymore unless i play games like this that i used to play alot, u have been updating?
I updated the screenshots you can see by it what I have been doing :) I also put game on once a day to do alpha testing.
i seen it up other day i just was getting ready to leave but ill eventually catch u on there when im able to join
Hey Lanuiit. I want to host the game again but i haven't been able to get in contact with you. I still have the host files you sent me a few years ago but I require the .dme and .int files to make an official hub. Get in contact with me on discord CxD1k#4918