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Title sums it up.

I'd appreciate a "close all to the right" function for tabs.
How would that look, exactly? That kind of thing isn't an interface standard anywhere I've seen, so it's not built into the tab control.
In response to Lummox JR
The same way you right-click the tab now and select "close all" "close others", you would do the same, except everything to the right of the selected tab would close while everything on the left remains intact.

If you use/have Google Chrome, it has exactly this. It's actually where I got hooked on its use and thought it'd be great for Dream Maker considering all the tabs that are created when you're busy at work.
I'll have to see what our tab control supports for right-click menus.
It's actually in plenty of web browsers now, most notably Google Chrome. It's not absolutely necessary, but it would be pretty neat to have, as I usually have multiple tabs up that all need closing, but have others that I wish to keep open. Really good if you want undoing to be intact. What would be even more neat would be if we could select multiple tabs at once and move them in a bunch, as Chrome allows you to do.
Selecting and moving multiple tabs definitely isn't happening. Tabs are mostly an afterthought to Dream Maker, and I don't want to pour significant man-hours into them.
It looks like the current right-click behavior is being defined in the parent control, so I'd have to add a routine to override the menu. Looks like it's not a simple addition, but not impossible.
In response to Lummox JR
Ah. Well like Kamuna said, it's not absolutely necessary. Wouldn't want time taken away from something more important, as it's not exactly hindering anything.
Any progress on this, Lummox? Opening/closing and managing my tabs is fine, but this would be nice to eventually have.
It's also a standard in sublime text and kinda sorta phpstorm (it has "close others" and so on).
Because it's not a quick thing to add, this has been pretty low-priority for me. It's something I might throw in if I reach a point where it looks easy, but it's very back-burner.