Data Stream - White Wasteland {Public Preview!}

by Mista-mage123
Preview version for Excel Rayne Datastream - Wandering the White Wasteland. Join the community as you wander to find a way out of a world unseen.
Data Stream {Preview Version}

Wander forgotten lands as you struggle to reclaim your identity and your life. Just who are you? Where are you? Why are you?

Data Stream is as much a classic adventure game with a twist of multiplayer and role-playing action.

Experience a story that unfolds itself around your choice, and more importantly, when you make these choices. A unique form of storytelling inspired by Dark Souls, but with a twist, as the timing of these decisions have their own effect on your journey.

There are many classes, academies, and factions that will determine what makes you you. Will you face reality, or succumb to the dream?

Unlike Excel Rayne, Data Stream is a Text MUD, a text-based RPG, that is roleplay mandatory. Rping, however, is not required during this Preview.