I don't know why I keep giving out my messenger screen names to people. I'm playing a nice game of Guild Wars(well, not nice, half of the people were really ... uhh... special) and I get spammed with about 15-20 IM windows telling me my game crashed. You know how friggin' annoying that is? You tell 1 person it, they tell 3 people, and they tell 3 people. Next thing you know you have people telling you your own S/N for AIM.

"Hey dude your grame crashed". "Thanks, I don't think every other annoying kid on my buddy list told me the SAME thing twice already".

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be taking this out on them for my Guild Wars party in Elona being completely unorganized and stupid. They think any red on the radar is a target. Argh!!

Duuuuude, gimme your s/n! I have Guild Wars too! :P

My brother has a level 16, which is as far as we've gotten since we got the game. If any of your dudes are around that level (or 10/11 for me) then we should get together some time.
Ephony Ruth. I won't be on it until NCSoft fixes my account. All of my characters became bugged after ascending. It took them two weeks to reply saying "A recent patch should have fixed your account", but nothing. Happened to both me and Josh.

Anyhoo, I have a large group of friends that play. I have a level 20 ele/rng and a level 13(I think) rng/nec. I'll catch you on sometime.
Guild Wars kinda like UO? Or are there any free servers?
Ultima Online was a old school MMO me and James picked up long ago and played it on some private server I think somewhere located in canada... Anyway, Guild Wars is "in my opinion" much different from Ultima Online in many ways, especially in the graphics department. If you like games that have good graphics, awesome storyline, and team based. Then this game is for you. It's only 50$ (last i knew, because that's how much it was when i bought it)and there are no fees to play the game. basically, you are paying 50$ for a data CD and a cd key so you can get started. If anyone wants to know, I am Vincent Finche on Guild Wars. I am a level 20 Warrior/Monk with decent equipment. Like what James had said on his post, my character is also bugged to the point to where we cannot pick up our items. All this started after we ascended too... I love the game though. Reccomend it to anyone willing enough to try and find a new MMO/RPG.