Shinobi Rising

by ManaSoul
Get ready for a amazing experience! Fight Bosses and strong ninja as you quest to find your Nindo! PvE/RP Open World Ninja MMO inspired by Naruto coming January 2016! Join Shinobi Rising!
Open Pre-Alpha testing will be for one week around the beginning of January.

Closed Testing will Start Late January 2015.


Many clans to choose from with many play styles to choose from with incredible effect animations!
Beautiful UI or interface
Server Wide Market
PvP Arena system
In Depth Character Customization.
In Game store and Cash shop to buy costumes!
An immersive Story/Quest system.
Weather system
Fun Leveling
Great Roleplaying environment
Amazing Combat combos for each Clan and Weapon Style.
Great Graphics
Huge Buildings for all the villages and areas you travel designed by Rory from Nin-Online and skills from Cross Codes Artist.
Village/Teamwork Focus
Mission System with many different kinds of missions from easy to extremely challenging.
Incredible content similar to the Manga
Clever AI system for Bosses/Events, Intense Boss Fights with bosses and monsters that react to the players in a way you have never seen before.
Events like KoTH, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, Domination, Capture the flag, Search and Destroy
Dungeons with Side quest where you can look for rare items.
Intense Balanced PvP/PvE
Wars and Raids.
Constantly Growing
Custom Emotes for players

Developer/Pixel Artist: Mana
Pixel Artist: CrossCodes Artist FreeDom
Pixel Artist/Turf Artist: Nin-Online's Artist Rory
Pixel Artist: Towa
Programmer: Ter13

WHY does every good game have to be RP? Can't there be a PvP server for people who want to play but can't stand the rp element?
This game is primarily PvP, there'll be an RP/RPvP server at a later date
any news on the progress? Is alpha still gonna start by the end of the month?
as for the progress currently were 60% done with the backend and working on the questing were gonna throw up a test server for you guys to run around on but currently our programmers working slow due to health issues and their work schedule. so its waiting on that + dealing with everyones schedule being out of sync but progress is great and ill post a log very soon

we've been working on Blade Art a more fantasy mmo while awaiting on our programmer which if you would like i can showcase that
In response to Thewittywhy
Thewittywhy wrote:
WHY does every good game have to be RP? Can't there be a PvP server for people who want to play but can't stand the rp element?

dont fret. there will be a PVP server and a RPvP server my full intention is to make sure that the pvp is great and it won't be a waste.
any updates coming soon?
is this still a thing?
Just one question so um when will we be able to play it ?
Updates weekly will be hosting around mid may the backend is nearly completed and we have all new and updated art since ive grown since first creating rising
Fan the new hub we will be releasing the project this summer
Sorry for the absence work and school were crazy. Project is resumed and is close to release keep up with the game and follow the website/hub check out the game and its updates. were still alive bois