Level 30 Warlock, reporting.

I haven't gotten the Taken King yet, since I've been having a blast doing strikes and patrols, but anybody else play Destiny? It's a pretty fun game and the combat in it is excellent for a shooter. I've only been playing on and off for a couple weeks but I'm hooked.

I played it for a grand total of 5 hours. It's literally Borderlands with a Halo-esque theme. And i've played plenty of borderlands for a lifetime.
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It has some Borderlands vibes but that's because there aren't many good RPG shooters outside of Borderlands, lol. I never played Halo, but you should give some Strikes or Raids a chance if you ever reach around level 20. They're a blast to play and the bosses are usually pretty damn fun, especially with friends.

But yeah, I get a little bit of a Diablo vibe with Destiny that keeps things a little more interesting than Borderlands for me.
Bought the taken king ps4 bundle before price increase (Basically i just bought a ps4 and taken king came with it).

Lvl 40 hunter
Lvl 20 Warlock.

Trying to get full legendary gear on my Hunter, and just trying to level up my warlock :P. Already have legendary weapons for my warlock picked out just would need to farm the gear.

Never payed for playstation plus so im unable to do strikes pvp etc.
I only got PS+ for Strikes and it's worth it, but it really sucks that you can't do strikes solo or with your friends without PS+. You can get a 14 day trial for PS+, though. It's free and gives you complete access to PS+ features.

Also, add my psn: Mattisnotacatt
Destiny is my trigger word. Don't get me started on how much disdain I have for that game.
Destiny. Destiny. Destiny.

Get started on expressing your disdain! I want to know your opinions. (:
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Kumorii wrote:
Destiny. Destiny. Destiny.

Get started on expressing your disdain! I want to know your opinions. (:

I'm giving you fair warning, I WILL get colourful. The game is a horrid and disgusting stain on the gaming world.
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And your opinion is just as valid as mine, nor does it effect me in any way. I'm curious on why you dislike it so much!
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Kumorii wrote:
I only got PS+ for Strikes and it's worth it, but it really sucks that you can't do strikes solo or with your friends without PS+. You can get a 14 day trial for PS+, though. It's free and gives you complete access to PS+ features.

Also, add my psn: Mattisnotacatt

The reason i don't have playstation + is complicated and simple. In my eyes if i have to pay playstation money every month then i should get something out of it in some way. Playstation plus has nothing that i feel is returned to me.

Their free games arent really free since you need to be a ps+ member to even play those games you downloaded so some way or another they arent free.

Playing online with friends? Playstation is only taking the money but doesnt send any to the developers who's servers are being used for the multiplayer.

To summarize. Playstation plus takes money from players, takes money from developers, and give nothing back.

Now the reason they have ps+ is because they saw microsoft doing it and was like dayum that's free money right there lets go get some of that.

And that they know they cant keep releasing new consoles every 5 - 6 years so they wanted to find a way to keep making money without selling new consoles. And with 6 million people giving them 15 bucks a month they would be able to fix sony who by the way is going bankrupt. ps+, xbox live biggest cash grab since that e.t. game.
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Pc master race.
How do i add people?
Alright. Incoming rant.

Destiny effectively encapsulates everything that is wrong with gaming at the moment. I've played it breifly, and disliked it, but I've watched my friend play it for hours and hours, so I have a firm understanding of most of the concepts. For the record, he doesn't like the game either, but he feels obliged to play it, which leads me nicely into my first point.

The price of the game on launch, with its special edition, nowhere near justified the amount of content you actually got. My friend plays it, re-doing the same things over and over, just to feel like he got his monies worth. The game's story is incredibly short, and unrewarding, and most importantly re-hashed to shit (I'll come back to this). This is a growing trend in games recently, companies spend so much on making games look amazing with amazing voice acting that they try to add as little content as they feel they can actually get away with. The classes don't feel particularly different from each other, the gameplay is literally shoot-hide-shoot-hide, the game is also padded through death resetting your progress, or people leaving resetting your progress. There is no real "difficulty" in the game, unless you make it yourself. My friend showed me the (at the time) hardest dungeon in the game, he did it solo. It took him a fairly long time, but effectively he just poked his head out, shot at some stuff until he had to reload or his healthbar needed to recharge, hid around a corner till all was well, and repeated until he'd done the entire dungeon. He didn't die once, he didn't even come close to dying once.

As I said earlier, re-hashing. I'm sure you've seen this yourself. "NEW DUNGEON!" it's literally just a re-skin of a different place, with a re-skin of a boss that uses the same tactics, maybe one new one. All for just $14.99! Disgusting.

Grind is used to pad the game out more also, RNG based loot drops aren't an inherently bad concept, but when combined with a massive world, they become... illogical. See, when there's 10,000 players interacting with each other, that 1 in 100 super good item suddenly becomes far more common. After a while nearly everyone has this great weapon, and it's no longer "great". In order to counterbalance this, you make the great weapon a 1 in 10,000 chance, which makes it as a community retain its status, but as a player you just sort of get dicked. Diablo 3 suffered greatly from this on launch too.

"Promises" of the game being a large, expansive and unlimited replay potential, were all basically bullshit. The gameplay was shallow on release, and most of the dungeons were pretty shit.

The game honestly has gotten a lot better since then, but my friend who has already spent a small fortune on this game, has to continue buying the new expansions and DLC just to fix a game that shouldn't have been shit to begin with.

Fuck you Bungie, you're a bunch of ballsuckers.

Hey, at least it doesn't have tons of microtransactions. I'll give it that.
It does have microtransactions now.
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I agree it sucks but Sony was floundering for money last gen and a small part of that was because they were pretty much paying server costs out of pocket, which since Sony is expanding their server support for developers that was a choice that had to be made(still cheaper than Live, too). And the free games you download with PS+ still work when you don't have PS+.. I don't know where you heard otherwise. Also, PS+ is only $6/mo.

Sony is doing what they have to do to stay in business.
Microsoft is grabbing for more money to throw on their mountains of dollars.

PC is superior but I don't have a good computer.
Pft ps+ is 20 dollars a month.
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<---- Didn't pay for destiny and the dlc. Got all that shite free :D.
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Ghost of ET wrote:
It does have microtransactions now.

Valid reasoning, although there's no way your friend finished "the hardest dungeon" solo, much less in under four hours. Raids are hours long and incredibly difficult. He may have done so with the hardest story mission, but the story missions are all pretty easy to begin with. Most difficult enemies I've encountered have been through random spawns while on patrols or in Strikes/Raids. The Nexus Strike's boss on Venus is one that comes to mind.

I also agree that their marketing platform is super fucked up with how expensive the expansions are when they include some major game changing features. What else do you expect with Activision as a publisher, though?

But as for the scale of the game, keep in mind we've only just entered year two. Bungie expressed that they were going to support and expand on Destiny for a minimum of 10 years. The Taken King is only the first major expansion and added a lot of content in itself. Games are at a point where developers can evolve and grow their product over years now. We as gamers and critics are going to have to learn to be patient with our judgments.
Only 1 thing i have to say about destiny.

The hive is creepy as shit.
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