Since a fair number of people, myself included, don't enjoy always having open an irc, or teamspeak or the forums or something, but have Skype open anyway, I feel like it's a good idea to make a group Skype chat.

Please take a moment to read over a few brief guidelines before you join -

1. The chat is primarily for discussion of BYOND games, and BYOND development. Of course you can talk about other games, but if you want to have a chat with one specific person about one specific thing, please add them and talk to them in a more formal manner.

2. This isn't meant to become a circlejerk hatefest. Me and the other mods in the chat aren't going to tolerate people bickering, arguing is fine to some extent, but with discretion. If you're there to cause problems, you'll be removed.

4. No harassment. This includes doing practically anything at length after people have asked you to stop.

5. Please no excessive stupidity and/or "trolling". It's fine for the most part, but there becomes a point where it's just stupid. If people are trying to have a conversation and you're just randomly spewing crap constantly, expect to be asked to stop.

Please note, we never just straight up kick and/or ban people. You will always be given a warning firsthand, if you think you were treated inappropriately, speak to me or one of the other mods and we'll get the issue resolved.

The link to join the chat is: here

If you're having trouble joining, add me on Skype - lee.rushnut - and I'll manually add you.

I highly reccomend that you turn alerts off, this will prevent the annoying boop sounds Skype makes. Unless you're into BDSM, I guess. You can add a tag so that it still boops when they use that specific phrase, for example, I use
/alertsoff Rushnut

Which means whenever someone says something with Rushnut in it, I know I'm being mentioned because it boops me!

Currently the mod list stands as

- Rushnut
- Kaiochao
- Inuyasha

In the chat there are a few exceptionally proficient programmers, who can answer most if not all of your questions about the language. We're all here to help, but these people in particular will be the most effective.

DM Guru list:

- Kaiochao (Byond name: Kaiochao)
- Anthony (Byond name: D4RK3 54B3R)
- Sam _ (Byond name: Super Saiyan X)