Naruto: New Regions

by Narutogx2
Naruto: New Regions
An Izou Based PVP Game Based Around Masashi Kishimoto's Creations, Naruto And Naruto Shippuden
(Guide Is Subject To Change)

Step One: Make A Character

Step Two: Find An Area With Logs
Alternate Step Two: Kill People

Step Three: Click Throw Kunai When Near Those Logs. IMPORTANT: Do Not Cap Before Doing Step Four.

Step Four: Once Your Level Has Been Trained Enough, Go To The Commands Tab And Press Stat Points, These Will Raise Your Stats Depending On How Many Points You Put In.

Step Five: To Learn Skills, Keep Leveling After Putting The Required Amount Of Points Into Your Clan's Specialty (Most Of These Will Be Ninjutsu) To Learn A New Jutsu. This Does Not Mean Put Only Into Ninjutsu (Unless You Want To).

P.S. If Anyone Has Any Ideas For Different Training Methods, Please Post Them On This Page.