So who's started their adventures through the Commonwealth so far? I had my digital pre-order ready for awhile and got to start at 12:01 last night and it's difficult to pull myself away. I haven't encountered any bugs yet, surprisingly.

How about you? Any stories or awkward glitches you've come across? Don't have it but excited? Talk about it! Even if nobody else does, I'm probably going to post any interesting adventures I have until I feel like I'm annoying everyone. (;
I won't even.

I will not rant.

I just won't even.

I will not give in to temptation.

Rushnut's opinion is not wanted here.

This is not a safe place for my thoughts.

I am in my happy place.

I am in my happy place.
I'm always open to debate, Rush. (;
There are others that use this forum that are not as open to differing opinions to their own.

If I give into the temptation to start ranting, I will inevitably give into the temptation to reply to those people. And a flame war will ensue.

Needless to say, I dislike the game a lot for a wide spread of very justified reasons.

That is all.

Opinion understood and respected!
I love this game and have been playing it practically nonstop. It's not objectively perfect, but it's perfect to me. The Commonwealth is so beautiful and so rich in content I'm going crazy. Fallout 4 is like a way better Fallout New Vegas in every way. So if you dislike Fallout 4, then you must dislike Bethesda's Fallout games at their core.

I haven't encountered any bugs. The first thing I did when I gained control of my character was hit ` and type "tcl" so I could walk around outside. It was so peaceful and pretty. There's nothing out there, by the way, that you can't see normally when running to the vault.

I've just been loving all the trouble I get into. Every encounter seems to lead to something bigger, or more interesting at least, than I thought it would be. The crafting is a nice touch too, though the settlement mechanics are kinda lame in my opinion. The more I use them, the more I'm not sure I'll keep using them. It's a little clunky trying to get everything right, and not super rewarding yet.

I won't flame you, Rush, if you have a non-ranty opinion to give. If you just bash the game, I won't even reply. But if you have some good critiques, I don't care that you have those critiques. It's comments like "This game looks like shit" or "It's so empty" that get people riled up because they're meaningless and don't have anything backing them up. Most people here are open to debate, I think, but the debate ends the moment that offensive comments get thrown in. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people are adoring this game right now because it's beautiful and absolutely rich in dense content. So you're going to actually have to give some proper criticisms with explanations.
I wish I had a game that you had to pay to purchase released, so I could give it to you for free for being such an awesome person.

You are my new motivation for making a game good enough for that.
So will you share your thoughts? I think we're competent enough to keep the thread level-headed.
So I encountered a yao guai, it was right after a really interesting little discovery where I ended up beating down some guys in a hideout. I felt bad because they all had unique names... anyways. The yao guai roared and I freaked, so I pulled out my sniper rifle to attempt to get some good shots in before it charged me. Barely did any damage. Then I noticed that it wasn't moving. It just sat there the entire time while I shot it dead with my sniper rifle. I would have died if it weren't for that delightful glitch.
When it came time to kill the Deathclaw in Concord I had a similar experience. It got stuck in the slope that goes down into the sewer area by where you encounter it with your settlers on the way to Sanctuary. I ended upp just machine gunning it to pieces which was particularly satisfying considering that while exploring beforehand it killed me numerous times. Ask Ghost of ET who was screen playing with me on release and had a couple run ins with it. lol

Speaking of which, that was a blast. I never used the screen share feature on the PS4 but it was really interesting to let someone else take control and play the game on my system from their own over the internet. Ghost and I ended up taking turns trying to surprise-murder a few NPCs that lived in a barn while still level 1. lol

I need it T_T saw the preview on a instagram ad looks so sexy man
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Only on the forums!
i beat the entire game in 7 hours minus the side quests you get from tracking radio signals. the map also seems a bit small

overalls its a great game
Spoiler Alert - Everyone dies except you.
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Spoiler Alert - Everyone dies except you.

i beat the game, ur a liar... but your son does die
xD Guilty
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xD Guilty

It's always best to wait 3-6 months for these types of games because I don't want my experience to be ruined by the numerous bugs and performance issues.
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SuperAntx wrote:
It's always best to wait 3-6 months for these types of games because I don't want my experience to be ruined by the numerous bugs and performance issues.

the only thing you have to worry about is the asshole dog not getting out of your way when you need to leave a room

nothing wrong with a little discipline though:
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