I was just calmly walking down a street going to exterminate some ghouls for these people. When i saw a death claw chasing some sort of small creature that was trying to get away. Well the deathclaw pounced and killed the creature then immediately turned my direction and gave chase. I couldnt believe what i just saw and only until the deathclaw was maybe a couple feet away from me did i get out my shockbaton. And the deathclaw's first attack broke my arms when i tried to block it. then it picked me up slashed open my stomach and i died :c.

Got sucked back into Fallout lately in anticipation of the recently announced first wave of DLC. Currently at 171 hours with hopes to hit 200 before starting Automatron.

Curie is also my most recent companion of choice. Hopefully will reach level 50 tomorrow, too. (:
Fallout4 not worth it.
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Shadow_wodahS wrote:
Fallout4 not worth it.

Perhaps you'd like to share why you think that?
F4llout is probably my favorite RPG that I've played extensively. Main story sucks, sure, but the plot with fallout is more of a catalyst for gameplay and such.

Short of that, I don't really have any complaints and think it's worth every penny and more. The only rpgs I've dumped this much time into are Pokemon games and maybe Bravely Default.
First two DLCs are neat and we're only a month away from the first big add on! But that's not what has me excited -- I'm eagerly awaiting the survival mode update more than anything. I have close to 350 hours on my first save and will be starting a fresh file for it that I'll aim to put another ungodly amount of my life into!

I can't be the only one still playing the game.. can I?
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Uhhh... I don't know how much I've completed in the game but I only played it for like few days when it launched kinda got tierd of the settlment quests, and by then my hype for the game was gone. But when survival mode comes up thats when I will come back to the game I think thats whats going to bring back the most players, and the Mod KIT that they still need to release once that happens modders will fix all the bugs and maybe make the game even more rpg like fallout new vegas or something.
4 > NV imo.

The settlement quests aren't /that/ annoying. I mean, just send Preston to some far off settlement that you never go to and you'll never be harassed by him again!

I respect your opinion but 4 exceeded my expectations and hype by a lot. What bugs did you have? For a bethesda game, I've hardly seen a bug, much less a have breaking one.

Butyeah, the survival overhaul is going to be like an entirely different game, lol.
Oh man I had some nasty bugs while playing fallout 4, one nasty one that when you zoombed and unzoombed you would get teleported randomly somewhere on the world or you would get jumped up to the moon and fall and die that was a really annoying one, Sometimes quests woudn't work, or Items didn't work, Took me 5 hours to find the dog one time he wasn't where I send him same happen with some other npcs, Few crashes, some places that gave fps dips... I probably have more but I forgot em lol
Hm, that's most unfortunate! ):
but they werent that bad the game was still very much playable lol
But yeah... I've been kinda playing dark souls 3 every day for few hours damn that shit is addicting as hell.
Like when you found that one Porn video that One master porn video thats all you need for few months. Thats how. Addicting.
I'm not a fan of Dank Souls games, but that's awesome!
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Kumorii wrote:
I can't be the only one still playing the game.. can I?

I'm still playing mostly because i stopped half way through because i didnt have any ammo for any of my guns, and had 0 bottle caps to buy more :C.
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Kumorii wrote:
I'm not a fan of Dank Souls games, but that's awesome!

Did you still want to play dankborne btw :P?
Currently downloading Far Harbor and I'm super excited!

Started a new save for survival mode and it's pretty great. It's brutal to get used to, but a very good way to play a RP character in the commonwealth! Also built up a new main settlement around Starlight Drive In. Hated the location originally, but I'm liking what I got going so far. It's a large city-like settlement. But yeah, Been running into Rust Devils more than usual, but hey. I can take 'em.

@et; I played some of it and it was alright. :p
So i haven't gotten far into the main quest with Far Harbor (i rushed through Automotron and wish i didn't), but the side quests I've done so far have been pretty decent. Bethesda ramped up the story telling a bit and the new creatures are great! First time an Angler caught me off guard was almost on par with the two diving dragons you fight on the lake in Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion.

Been running around with my homegirl Piper lately but just switched to Curie to do side quests and exploring. I'll probably use Piper with the rest of the main quest, but i really think Valentine would have good dialog with the quest. We'll see!
Created a new female character named Kett who will be my first serious survival mode playthrough. Here's to not dying!

I emerge from the vault and rush my way through Sanctuary Hills stopping briefly to button mash my way through Codsworth's exposition dialog and eventually make my way to the Red Rocket where I set up a bed to save. Red Rocket will be my base of operations until I establish myself enough to develop a larger settlement (Starlight Drive-In, most likely). After fumbling my way through the first day in the Commonwealth I found myself with parasites and an infection that were both taking health from me at periodic intervals and found myself in need of a doctor.

Unfortunately, the only doctor I knew of north of Diamond City was in Covenant - a hefty trek to the east, but not impossible.. [to be continued]
Nuka world hype.
Nuka World looks incredible. (^:
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