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I can't be the only one still playing the game.. can I?

I'm still playing mostly because i stopped half way through because i didnt have any ammo for any of my guns, and had 0 bottle caps to buy more :C.
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I'm not a fan of Dank Souls games, but that's awesome!

Did you still want to play dankborne btw :P?
Currently downloading Far Harbor and I'm super excited!

Started a new save for survival mode and it's pretty great. It's brutal to get used to, but a very good way to play a RP character in the commonwealth! Also built up a new main settlement around Starlight Drive In. Hated the location originally, but I'm liking what I got going so far. It's a large city-like settlement. But yeah, Been running into Rust Devils more than usual, but hey. I can take 'em.

@et; I played some of it and it was alright. :p
So i haven't gotten far into the main quest with Far Harbor (i rushed through Automotron and wish i didn't), but the side quests I've done so far have been pretty decent. Bethesda ramped up the story telling a bit and the new creatures are great! First time an Angler caught me off guard was almost on par with the two diving dragons you fight on the lake in Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion.

Been running around with my homegirl Piper lately but just switched to Curie to do side quests and exploring. I'll probably use Piper with the rest of the main quest, but i really think Valentine would have good dialog with the quest. We'll see!
Created a new female character named Kett who will be my first serious survival mode playthrough. Here's to not dying!

I emerge from the vault and rush my way through Sanctuary Hills stopping briefly to button mash my way through Codsworth's exposition dialog and eventually make my way to the Red Rocket where I set up a bed to save. Red Rocket will be my base of operations until I establish myself enough to develop a larger settlement (Starlight Drive-In, most likely). After fumbling my way through the first day in the Commonwealth I found myself with parasites and an infection that were both taking health from me at periodic intervals and found myself in need of a doctor.

Unfortunately, the only doctor I knew of north of Diamond City was in Covenant - a hefty trek to the east, but not impossible.. [to be continued]
Nuka world hype.
Nuka World looks incredible. (^:
I can finally be a bandit :D (I mean not that i wasnt before).
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