Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Finally Azusa 4.0 is here! I had to change alot of systems with this update, thats why it took this long!
Before we list the update, I usually explain the reasons, so lets go: This update focus is to revive the dynamism at the Roleplaying servers (also provide some real fun at PVP) But the focus here is the RP and I am confident the gameplay will be -way- better now :D Before Azusa had an always static storyline, because either good or evil won, and then we jump to the new war after everyone getting into their next generations. FINALLY this changed! This update will make the war and diffrent eras completally dynamic depending on the ruling God! But now we have FOUR gods instead of 2! So, lets introduce you Athena and Posseidon!

There is a link explaining the subgods story and theory/guide here so you better check that out:

War of Gods
Now the game will run around the War of Gods, not necessarily the known "Great War" that is the eternal fight against Hades and Almighty. When someone create a character they can pick their God depending if they are alive or not. There are diffrent ways to change ur god as you play.
_What will this affect?
Everything, Your God can help you by giving you cosmo and even transformations! But when they help someone they spend their "God Power" and this "God Power" can define alot the course of the game, as of what god will be alive and more popular. The "God Power" Increases as the god gets new followers, or stack them through generations/wars.
_So Why are those Gods at War?
Beside the usual personal reasons we know, now a God can decide to get rid of the other to get more followers, For example; When Death Lord defeats the Elites and Athena and Posseidon and set the world at "Chaos" the only possible God to be picked at creation will be "Hades" this will let him stack alot of more "God Power" to the next Great War (or whenever the next God Revives) While the other gods would rely on their priests to stack "God Power".
_What are those personal reasons?
Hades wants to destroy everything alive, and Almighty wants to keep everything alive safe. However Athena and Posseidon are more neutral, Athena loves her followers (Doesn't really care about the others) and Posseidon likes the Oceanic lifes, and would do its best to make them rule the planet. Theorically by their "personal reasons" all of these 3 gods are against Hades, since he wants to kill everything.
Thats how I organize the Gods type, "Death" side and "Life" side (Doesnt mean evil or good btw) There will be more gods to the "Death" side in the future such as Hypnos that wants to make everyone "sleep forever".
And so on...

Golden Armor
A God can give people power depending on their own "God Power" that increases depending on their amount of followers. Each God have their own "Heroes" what are called "Golden Armors" for some.
Those Armors are given only to good and strong followers, but that doesnt mean that "hero" can't betray them. Here is a scheme of the Golden armors:

Zodiacs Guardians
Well Athena will have 12 golden armors to protect her, based on zodiac. Athena will have a Sanctuary for her logout npcs to stay, and to protect her logout npcs there is a montain with 12 houses, each one guarded by each Zodiac Guardian;
This updates add 2 of them, so we are doing in zodiac order: Aries and Taurus are in.
Aries works with barriers, his barriers just allow Athena followers to pass, its very hard to go through Aries House.
Taurus have a stampede skill, a huge energy wave that throws the enemy away and its damage is based on endurance!

Small Changes
Alot of bugfixes was done this month, I can't even list them.
However some new cool features will help alot the RP server activity and events. When someone say something in say near you a sound alert is made this way you know what that "slow typer" responded. Or when you are just afk doing something else and need something to bring your attemption to respond someone. So one sound for say and another sound for RP; but don't worry, thats toggleable.

Tournament Changes
PVP server helped me to recognize that tournaments needed some changes, previously people constantly didn't get an armor and kept joining armor tournaments and giving up at finals to get extra rpps; Well, this won't happen anymore because I removed the giveup button. So if you entered a tournament, wellp, you loose or you win. However I made tournaments happen in 1-1 hour, and added a NON armor tournament between each armor tournament, so basically one tournament for who has armor, and other tournament for who doesn't. This will keep the gameplay active and, well things to do!

New Maps
The underwater maps increased, including an old boat and more places to explore (more areas are going to be in as Posseidon Sanctuary is being made) and more secret dungeons are being worked on to be released at the coming fixes; Athena Sanctuary is already mapped up to 3 houses (2 for the actual Zodiac Guardians and 1 to keep her)
Theres also alot of new areas for event scenes too, so you will enjoy!

PS: Roleplaying server will be back up by this weekend! So keep your eyes at the hub!
but when will this all be in the game ? also keep up the great workkkk !
Good job my son. I've been waiting.
this is it im done waiting
poseidon only has one "s" in english
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