DragonBallZ Immortal Damnation

by Neyo198
DragonBallZ Immortal Damnation
New DragonBallZ


Main Owner : Neyo198,Kyram
Co Owner:Chevas
Coders:Neyo198, Damonay
Iconner:Kyram(Logananthony), Jadow
Mapper:Neyo198(Needs Another One)
Level 7:Neyo198, Logananthony
Level 6:Chevas,Barado
Head Admin: Dan (WolfPrince2031) Damonay
Level 4:Jadow, King_Inferno5
Level 3:Open
Level 2:Open
Level 1:Jay (Ronic)
This Is Gonna Be A Great Game On Byond Need A Staff Thanks For Your Time.
Kamehameha 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

Adding Burter-0%
Adding Evil Sayian-0%
Adding Auto Tourney-0%
Adding New Skin-100%
Adding Cyborg-0%

Special Thanks To DeeJay For The Skin.

Thanks 2 Barado For His VPS Without Him Won't Be A Game -Thanks

Lost Souls Production