Keywords: hosting, ultimatum
Ultimatum, as you may know, will be hosted occasionally for public testing. I decided to put up a hosting schedule, and the times will stay that way until further notice. I will be hosting Ultimatum until the public testing phase of development has ended, which may be in one or two months. (Depending on my schedule, and how much gets done during this period)

The game will be hosted at Saturdays at 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The game may also be hosted on the same time at Sunday if I decide I need the extra testing period. Otherwise, expect the game to be up once a week.

During the public testing development phase, I will be trying my hardest to finish the core gameplay, and adding different gameplay elements. These include (very briefly) Siege Implements, different game modes, and more under-cover ideas. Feedback like comments and questions are always welcome.

Thanks to all of the players who have supported Ultimatum by being in the public testing, supplying feedback, and ranking the game. I really appreciate it. :)

[edit] And for the sake of showing something, Here's a quick screenshot of a new gameplay element that you can look forward to.
Weeehh... So unfair. All my favorite games are going to be hosted on Saturdays only, a day I go to work! DarkeDungeon, this. Not a big list, but you know where i'm going.
DL, add me to your friends =P
You said at one point that Siege Implements would be for subscribers to the game have you though how much the price will be?
I haven't finalised what the special perks for BYOND Members and Subscribers would be, but siege implements (in general) will not be subscriber-only.
DL, you are my hero