Shinobi Rising

by ManaSoul
Get ready for a amazing experience! Fight Bosses and strong ninja as you quest to find your Nindo! PvE/RP Open World Ninja MMO inspired by Naruto coming January 2016! Join Shinobi Rising!
There is going to be separate server for both so if you have suggestions for either one please post them here so we can take a listen and work from there. every suggestion means a lot!

PS. this game isnt a side scroller its Open world for all those who are wondering
I've actually got quite a few ideas related to this subject. Would you be willing to discuss on Skype or the like?
Page me your skype please!
Please post the results of the convo here, for more input, thanks!
I totally would if it had ever happened...Haha.
I'll be posting some combat animations as well as the suggestions I received soon been stuck doing a lot of work at school. Please also keep posting here about how Rpvp should be and what you want to see in the Pvp