Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
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Sharpened it a little bit, is it better this way?

I kind of like the blur focus effect it gives to the character, but wellp if some people might get annoyed with the blur, lets sharpen it o/
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I'll be honest, I like it more this way. I couldn't really tell you why.
I suppose that fuzziness or blurring just seems a bit......
annoying to the eye. it's like you can never truly focus on the background.
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Looking good
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yea i refuse to log into ur game because its blurred to shit, this is an improvement
I do enjoy these changes. The fact of the matter is that you should always fix the contrast. The blurry field compared to the sharp character in technicality would confuse if not hurt someone's eyes.

Also you should probably improve and build upon your grammar, as it is the grammar won't cut it and would probably confuse some people. Unless of course you aren't trying, that's fine.

What I would suggest is reading over your own topic a couple of times to improve on the mistakes. Nice to see you're still going and I hope that Azusa is doing better than previously!
hmm... I yeah the blurs take away the beauty from the art. In my opinion pixel art really isn't meant to done this way. The technique you use its not bad if it is applied right. I get that a blurry background makes the foreground (which is the player) "stands out" but this only works in 3d environments none the less. You can use a different approach and still make it appealing, like shadows for the characters, maybe a more distinctive palette that divides them from the environment. Color grading is a handy tool in this case,which was used in the films like matrix with green tint atmosphere, and underworld with blue. That will instantly capture the recipient, and immerse the optical lenses into a colorful ecstasy. But keep it up, I know you probably don't have a lot of time on your hands and just want the game out, This is only a suggestion.
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