Bleach: Breed of Destruction

by Unwanted4Murder
Bleach: Breed of Destruction
MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
The current server has wiped after some minor fixes by the host (me) Nothing major. But New characters get 4 Tickets upon request as a one time offer. This offer is good until the end of the first week of the wipe, 12/6/15

Double EXP weekends are back aswell, starting Friday and ending Sunday night.

Also, due to the Getsuga bug and the overwhelming temptation to abuse it, I'm advising to avoid picking it. If you do, and abuse it's lack of a delay you will lose your ability to call upon a Shikai at all. To remedy this, I'm offering free Zanchanges to anyone with Ichigo's Zan who thinks they cannot resist the urge to spam it.

If you're interested in being an enforcer for the server feel free to either make a post about it, or message my pager. You must be active and have a knowledge of all the races and the process of how to become them, be active and atleast somewhat friendly.

I hold GMs in high standards, any GM caught abusing will not only lose their GM status, but also their Entire account and be forced to start fresh. GM abuse can be reported to me directly aswell.

Hope you enjoy an old, but amazing game.