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As of yesterday my desktop PC does not load the byond website on any web browser (chrome/edge/IE/firefox) and in addition will not load anything on the program either, "The BYOND Hub is currently unreachable. Some functionality will be unavailable."

I'm not sure what's causing this as I've tried looking into my firewall and ports, nothing is out of the ordinary though. My laptop seems to get on everything just fine. Does anyone have a theory? Maybe I missed something, I've even reinstalled BYOND by dropboxing the executable lol.
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It definitely sounds like a software issue due to one system on the network working and the other not working. It could be the hardware on the desktop, but that's a lot less likely.

Have you updated any anti-virus programs or anything of that nature in the last few days? Many programs require you to update your exceptions as you update them.

However, since you can't access the website at all, it sounds like something is blocking access to it outright. Have you checked your HOSTS file for any strange entries?
Yeah I don't even know what that is, I'm not too good with this.
Have you checled if anyting is in your HOSTS file? One user had a connection issue recently that sprang from having outdated IP addresses for BYOND there.
How do I go about that?

Edit: Figured it out and that was the issue, thanks!
Our host changed IP addresses back in September, but surprisingly the old one didn't go offline until very recently it seems.